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Accidental Broadcast

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A body rolls slowly over the radio within it's stiff pocket, only to to begin a broadcast, its audible beep not being heard as the surrounding men continued working. The conversation and noises barely heard over the heavy static coming from a nearly broken CB Radio.

"Get that....we have to contact our....as fast as possible....orders from command...."

The barely heard voice is drowned out by the heavy static caused by a touching of wires. After the static lowers in volume shuffling and the scraping of metal chairs can be heard.

"You two start....outside."

Another moment of verbal silence holds supremacy over the broadcast. Evidently from the small details, more shuffling is heard and a body is lifted off the radio, lightening the muffle.

"Its on, stop moving those... and get over here to listen."

As the voice quiets once more a limb is dropped over the radio, a person stopped moving bodies mid-pickup, recreating the heavy muffle of the broadcast. Because of the CB Radio's damage a heavy static also drowns out many of the words.

"Current Code 5 is....Chernarus....deployed....spread to the west....infamous among....Vybor also.... mission success....location....more men.... soon....for peace...are marching....eradicate.... cull the infected.... for our...

As the broadcast slips into random sounds the human voice apparently in charge gives an inaudible order. After a few minutes the radio once more becomes unburdened and the broadcast becomes much more clear.

"The time is near for the beginning of the first stages of the plan but that is all for now, keep your ears open Herald. We depend on you for what comes next."

The broadcast turns to purely static without the voice responding to the radio, for a few seconds it seems as if there is only static being broadcasted until a very strange sound becomes audible, an anthem of sorts.



After the strange anthem finishes there is a mumbling heard through the radio, strange and undecipherable. One of the men took a step backwards, putting his heel on the radio. Realizing he had stepped on something he lifted up immediately. The loud beep of the radio rang out and everyone froze. Looking down the man realized there had been a radio still intact on one of the bodies. Squatting down he slipped it out of the sticky and stiff pocket. Looking it over for only a few seconds before it was snatched out of his hand.

"You better hope that was off."

Making sure the radio was not broadcasting or rigged the man dropped it to the hard concrete and stomped it firmly.


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