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0.63 Audio Issue

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I have been looking around the web for answers but cannot find any fix so far, so in the meantime I'm turning to the community to see if there are any tech-specialists that could figure it out. This is nothing super urgent as 0.63 has not launched, but if the issue persists by full release then DayZ will be unplayable for me.

To explain my situation: I've had an issue with Arma 3 for the past year where my audio gets messed up whenever I'm inside a vehicle or building (when playing the 64-bit version). Along with the intensively loud audio, I get a ton of frame drops and lag. I have looked around multiple forums and threads to find out that I'm not the only one with this issue - but it has yet not been fixed. Some have narrowed it down to the issue being caused by using a 7.1 headset along with an AMD FX-series CPU on Windows 10, but others using Intel seem to also have the issue. Most people having the Arma 3 issue are using Logitech headsets but I've read about Razer and other brands, both wired and wireless. 

DayZ Standalone has worked fine audio-wise for as long as I can remember, but a few days ago when trying out the 0.63 Offline Mode and the Stress Test I noticed something familiar. The same audio problem that I have in Arma 3 has now also been carried over to DayZ 0.63, possibly because of the DayZ Team merging new audio technology from Arma 3? Anyhow, I was able to temporarily fix this in Arma 3 by choosing 32-bit mode instead of 64-bit Arma. For DayZ, there is not quite that option (from what I know). So, here I sit knowing that I probably won't be able to play one of my all-time favorite games once it gets its long-awaited Beta release.. Anyone willing to help?

NOTE: I found that unplugging my headset from its USB-dongle and plugging the headset in via the 3.5mm jacks does fix it permanently in Arma 3, but my audio AND mic quality is extremely worsened, to the point where it sounds like I'm using a phone headset.

Below are two examples of the noise:





OS: Windows 10

Headset: Logitech G430 (connected via the USB-dongle)

CPU: FX-6300 @3.5ghz Stock

(8GB DDR3, GTX1060 3GB)

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I've personally never heard of this issue before.

I know you said that you've read of other brands having this issue, but you might want to try borrowing a headset that isn't a Logitech from a friend and seeing if the problem persists with that one. If it doesn't, then odds are its just something with the way audio works in the two games in relation to Logitech brand audio devices that makes them especially vulnerable to the problem.


You could try updating your drivers or just using a different USB slot. 
Or maybe try screwing around with your audio settings in either game or on your PC itself.

Sorry if I'm not very helpful, I'm sure there is someone around here who knows an exact fix.

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7 minutes ago, Zilly said:


 I've updated my drivers with no success and the same goes for choosing another USB slot, but I'll definitely try to get my hands on another headset. And don't worry, all help is very much appreciated!

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No worries dude. 
Personally I use a HyperX Cloud Alpha. Takes a bit to set it up properly but ive never had any problems and its made of very durable materials.

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Well, the sound problem is happening because its lagging I'm pretty sure. Not sure why it's lagging tho. 

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