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Chief Porkchops

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Hope would be sat in the house she currently occupied, eyes beaming to the wall across from her which seemed like hours. She didn't do this much, but when she was nervous, she'd tap her fingers against any object to relieve herself. She inhales heavily, it was hard and slightly painful as she felt the worry in the pit of her stomach. She stops tapping her fingers against the desk. Snatching the radio as her jaw remains tense, strictly talking in a manor that would seem calm.

"Chief Porkins...
I have some information that you will like to know.
If you wish for me to see you again.
It's not much... But I hope it helps with your future endeavours.
I'll... see you soon."

She drops the radio from her hands from a short distance. For a moment she remained froze in her spot before heavily swallowing. She would take a majority of her stock out of her bag and hides it in within the house, closing her eyes briefly in hopes she would be able to come back for it.

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Taryn picks up her radio, having just finished taking stock of what she had in the clinic, and stared at it intently. She knew the voice, and the accent and her stomach dropped. 

"Uh... Doctor Hope... At your earliest convenience i request your presence at my humble abode... I have a few surgical questions to ask you."

She releases the PTT and waits a moment before she pushes again. 

"Also, if you could bring more suture thread that would be lovely."

She sets down the radio and waits.

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Hope would hear Doctor Taryn's request, making her feel all the more worse. With a quick moment she chants, "Shit..." to herself. She could see it now, Porkins and his eyes glaring at her like a bull seeing the colour red. She would've taken a few minutes, composing herself.

"Ah! Yes! Doctor T!
At my earliest convinience, I promise...
I managed to find some brackets and nails mentioned yesterday - seems no one needed them in the hospital...
I have the equipment in order to make casting from what I assumed with the cotton or linen mesh...
Annnddd... The Valerian pills and voltarol emugel I advised."

She inhales what seems for a very long time. 

"I just have some business to attend to with Chief Porkins unfortunately.
But I will maintain I get there ASAP if he isn't available in my timetable."

She would seem to sound calm and intent in how she spoke. As soon as she lets go of the PTT, she immediatley facepalms. Her mind had drawn blank as she constantly mumbles to herself, "Jesus take the wheel..."

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*Chief would grab his radio hearing the broadcast and looking to the other men*

"Excellent, i'll have a meeting setup soon here, let me talk to the rest of the men and figure it all out. Contact you soon.

*releases the ptt and begins collecting all the equipment*

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Hope would respond on the radio directed towards Dr. Taryn, she would be seated as she softly breaths.

"Alright Dr. I finished my meeting.
I'll be on my way if that is OK with you?"

She awaits response for her.

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Taryn pics up her radio and sets aside the notes she had been writing.

"Sure thing. I'll be around here all day."

She releases the button on the radio and sets it aside.

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