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Blatant KOS in Vybor - 5-5-18 21:55

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Server and location: S1 Vybor

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): somewhere between 22:04 and 21: 21:55

Your in game name: Franklin Walton

Names of allies involved: n/a

Name of suspect/s: logs will show

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): n/a

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): currently uploading, will be finished in a few minutes

Detailed description of the events: Assuming the people havn't already been banned...

Went into Vybor after some torture RP with Mr. Blue and Genji. Walked around town for a bit, listened to some music before somebody got sniped in the middle of the street. I assumed it was part of an existing conflict so I didnt get near the body nor take out my gun. I stood talking with some people before a girl got shot while trying to get near someone else. I again assumed it was a pre existing conflict and stood where I was. Then a guy in black came up behind us and suggested that we go inside. I said I would like to stay in the open, as I felt more safe and didnt want to be trapped. I stood alone for a minute or so, and then decided I should start recording in case I get miss ID'd. So I sit next to a trash can, start my recording, look around a little bit and get shot.

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We apologise to the OP for the inconvenience, @Kosdra (the accused) has been permanently banned from the community for mass KoS and for his reasoning explained to me in PM. 

If he wishes to play here again he needs to submit a support ticket to the admins. 


Signed by: @Para and @Brady

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