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The Mountain

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*Charlie walks around the room several times before he sits down making his decision, taking a huge breath he presses the PTT*

Attention all Mountain Men in the area of South Zagoria. I know our numbers are not many, however, we have been called by several Aid providers to teach civilians how to live off the land and more reliably grow food. We will be teaching them basic survival, building fires, herbal medicine, fishing, hunting, and farming. I will be splitting us up. Some will stay here and keep helping. Many of us will go to Takistan and then Ukraine before we return home. 

*He pauses trying to find the words he needs to speak*

Make no mistake. Our job is not done. We are as steadfast as the mountain. The journey ahead of us will be difficult, but it is our duty and it is a responsibility that we have taken upon ourselves to help those in need. To help the downtrodden. We will return when and only when our job in helping in these other countries is done. I will hold all of us accountable for this. This is a great honor that we have been called by aid providers. The Red Cross being the greatest of the providers.

The Mountain is steadfast and will not falter.

The Mountain watches over us all.

The Mountain is always watching, protecting, and providing.

The Mountain will provide...

*Charlie releases the PTT as he stands back up looking around the camp they had built. He walks around with a sense of honor with him. Finally being called to do his job. He smiles at the other members in the camp as they begin to pack for the road ahead.*

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