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Filing a False Report

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 


Why the verdict is not fair: 

 In this situation you reported somebody for BadRP simply for not having a detailed character background. This is elitist, and quite frankly, we question why this actually needed to go to a report. 

BadRP is subjective. To call me elitist for believing that a very basic understanding of what your character is... frankly... asinine. The definition of what BadRP really is fluctuates, and it's the reports that set the "standard".

 @Sylva, in his PoV, stated "Nevertheless props to The New Society for talking this out over TS. With Julia's permission I think its solved, but its up to her." 

As it was clear I had NOTHING and I repeat NOTHING to do with what Sylva did. The accused could have come to me as well, and to be honest, when someone is being reported they should be the ones to come and talk with the accuser, not the other way around. Not a single attempt by them was made to reach out to me.

You then continued to push for 'rulebreaks' that happened against them, shown here and here. 

The first post was simply pointing out and asking as to why they were doing it. I was NOT pushing on a rule break, was simply asking why? Report verdicts add clarification, and I received that by Paras verdict saying that if the information wasn't consequential it can be said over TS without double micing. The second post was a more complete POV and analysis of what I perceived the rule breaks to be. Before the verdict even came to be, staff made it clear that it wasn't badRP and I understand that. There is a REASON the report title said "possible badRP". I wasn't sure of the standard.

 ones that had absolutely nothing to do with your situation.

It was my understanding that if you know of a rule break, anyone can report it. This was seen countless times in the past by Shark. Just because I wasn't involved in the length of the situation, it was still related to the same hostile situation.

If it's not my place to really discuss the initiation afterward being NVFL, then I'll put my boot in my mouth.

Alright, so... It is also been my understanding that if a false report verdict is going to be issued, it is the practice of the staff team to say something along the lines of.

"That being said, how would you like to proceed with this report?"

There is one old example, but I have seen this in practice many MANY times. I was not given the chance, and when I did request it to be closed, it was denied. Was this because you were in the process of writing up the verdict?

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: What is listed above is expanding on the appeal. Every "accusation" was of the subjective mind. NVFL is subjective, BadRP is subjective.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: IG ban repealed and the points removed.

What could you have done better?: Reached out to the accused instead of waiting for them to come to me.

Edited by Empress Julia

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Hello @Empress Julia,

A separate team of staff has taken a look over your appeal and come to the following conclusion:

In the report it is quite clear to us that the accusations you were making against the accused were far reaching, and in all honesty were not there. The kills themselves were legit, as you had just initiated and taken their friend captive. You accuse of NVFL, which even though they may have been outnumbered they still had situational advantage over the compound. You claim BadRP for a marine not knowing his MOS, but not knowing this information is so minuscule it should not completely ruin your RP experience. You push for more rule breaks against people, and you do it in a malicious way. That being said, you do end up requesting the report to be closed which shows you wanted leniency to the situation. For that reason, we will be changing the verdict from a 7 day ban, and 10 warning points to just a verbal warning. Take in mind, you are still guilty for filing a false report and we still urge you to not do it again. 


Appeal Accepted - Verdict Changed to Caution

Signed by @Brady and @Brayces

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