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Jono the giant

To anthony and the guys in vybor

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*johnny picks up his radio after having his chlorpromazine and pushes the button weakly* 

"hey guys uuhm.. Sorry about yesterday you had to see me like that... *his voice starts breaking as if he is about to cry but composes himself*  its.. Its not easy being like this and having to fear constantly that he will certainly get me seriously hurt from pissing off the wrong people *as he refers to his other mind*  he has fun by hurting and being twisted... I can hear him talking to me every so often as my medication wears off he wants us to try to have fun his way *he sniffs with a tear rolling down his cheek*  i fear for the worst i just need you all to remember as long as i have my medication i can keep him under controll, the hallucinations i cant help though and it makes me think everyone thinks i belong in a asylum *he starts to cry with a broken voice* i just dont want to loose my friends..  I Want. To have people to call my. New family after i lost mum and dad you know?  From now on i will be wearing a white band on my arm just to let everyone know i have remembered my medicine if i am not wearing it make me take it... I... Cant loose anyone... 

*as he finished his sentance you could hear uncontrolable crying, for a few seconds then silence from the radio*

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