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Jono the giant

Luxuries and items of interest

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*johnny gets his radio out of his bag and pushes the button softly on the side*

"ok ladies and gents, i know many items are hard to come by these days, i like collecting various items and making sought after luxuries too. If anyone is a smoker i find packets of cigarettes still sealed in petrol stations, alcohols such as vodka and flavoured liquors i can make but i obviously need time to find the various ingredients and then make said requested item/s Anyone who wants alcohol/cigs just give us a bell, all of my items will not be sold to anyone under the age of 18.

things for sale at the moment:

 Homemade bottle of elderflower liquor at 65%abv

 showgirls: red velvet special edition magazine

showgirls:after dark magazine

homemade potato vodka at 65%abv 

kiwi moonshine at 70%abv

box of tramadol

Box of co-codamol 

Box of fluoxitine 

As i said get in touch anything else what you miss from homes contact me"

* the radio goes silent after as johnny puts down his radio To start repairing his still he had set up in a house just besides vybor*

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