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Play Statistics Streak Not Tracking

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I've just noticed that the Play Streak under the DayZ Tab isn't tracking all of my hours. Because it says I've only played for 50 min but I've been on the server longer than that. Its been close to almost 100min now, just shy of it. Is there any reason this could be happening? I'm trying to not loose my streak.

Just some extra information it was for the server day of 2018-05-01

I also even logged off and got back on and that didn't seem to help. I even rebooted my entire game and that didn't help. So I waited for restart to happen before I got off. So I was on until restart except when I did a soft log and then a full reboot of the game.

Now looking at the site it seems to have put all of that time I played for 2018-05-02. I don't know why because the server time was still 2018-05-01 which would make sense for it to go under that day.

I'm assuming it would be something that @Rolle would have to take care up since it is the website, but I'm not 100% sure. Any information is greatly appericated! 


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Oh, good find. I didn't actually think about this when I coded the playtime tracker.

The time played is tracked based on my local time, which is currently 2 hours ahead of server time. So that's why you would be playing 22:00 on one day, the play time would be tracked as 00:00 the next day.

I'll try to fix that soon.

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