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Whilst Robbie had gone out to do his own thing, Meika found it hard to sleep. So many thoughts running through her head made everything hard on focusing just to relax. She would take her radio. Looking down to the black box in her hands. She hated how she now had to rely on this stupid piece of plastic to ensure the people she cared about were OK... She would talk on the radio, hoping Aleksei may hear her.

"Aleksei... It's  Mei-..."

She paused... Aleksei only knew her by Blue. But...

"It's Blue... Meika...
Where are you... Are you okay?

White told me everything... About me... My family...
 He said Hondo and you are dead... Well... Hondo isn't dead..."

She pauses once more, last time she saw Aleksei, he wasn't really talking to her. But she didn't care about the stupid arguments anymore.

"I need to make sure you're okay...
If you're hurt... I can come and get you...
Remember? You have Hondo's back. He has yours. And I got both of your backs..."

Her head shifts to the side, looking out of the window to the large field behind the house, staring off for a moment.

"Aleksei... I know you're not dead...
You're stronger than that.... I know..."

She places her radio down beside her onto the dressing table. She would give out a heavy sigh as leans her head against the wooden plank of the cabin's wall.

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