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Cullen sits in his house over looking pogarevka. watching as one of the people he just helped wave good bye and walk out of town. he then looked over to the church. where not days ago his friends brains had sullied gods house. He swallowed the lump in his throat and thought of the girl who helped bury his now dead friend.

He picked up his radio thinking he had not seen her or she had not let him spot her in the towns he traveled. pressing the ptt button his irish accent sounded a little less choked and some of he sounded rather confident with the events currently.

"oi ace. you spi-"

he stopped and chortled over the radio.

"i think i owe you a drink lass. we should meet up some time and catch up. might have more then just a cruddy smg for ya, if your still interested."

cullen released the button and looked over his empty town smiling at the sure silence of it.

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