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Elijah Johnson

Crazy son of a gun...

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*A man breathes heavy in the corner wincing at his arm he presses the PTT and you hear an American accent through the radio*

I don't know where to start.....my names Johnathan ...what a damn mess that shit was!

Thought we was going to Vybor everything seemed okay with them fellas we met the doc was with me been working with the guy for months helping folks in the city.

Then the damn doc I've been working for the asshole and you Errol jump out hold me and two fellas up shove us into some shack trying to steal stuff then you tell us to get outside once your done shoot the doctor killing him and mananged to hit me in the arm had infected running wild your a psycho keep yourself away from me Errol .....Your a god damn mad man suggest anyone who's sees this man keep their distance ... better yet shoot the crazy son of a gun


*The man grits his teeth as his wound is cleaned by someone he then releases the PTT*

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