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Guest Ethanlf1000

My story

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Guest Ethanlf1000

Hi my name is Ethan Fraser and this is my story. I grew up in Namalsk

with my mother Grace. I didn't really see my father called James much he was mostly doing business in military experiments. He didn't really talk about his work and mumbled all the time if he was telling us about his day as if he was keeping something very important information from us. I loved my dad, as much as I loved life. He is my idle, well, was. He forced me to do well in school, not by shouting or banning me off cell phones and computer games, because he trusted me, I knew this cause he was never worried about it, even though he always seemed worried.

All was good but changed in one night. One night at the age of 14, I was awoken by the sound of someone crying constantly, without a breath. I slowly creped towards the crying, it was in the bathroom and it was my Mam. I took a glimpse in the room and saw blood covering the wall. I surprisingly dashed into the room and saw my Dad on the floor bleeding from the stomach. I looked and also saw my Mother with a knife and said "it needed to be done" as she slit her own throat.

10 YEARS LATER. I joined the military, not by chose but to see what was the real cause of my Mothers and Fathers death. I was in the military for six year and was recruited to a corporal. As I was doing army plans to get into the enemies base(terrorist) I was called to the generals office for an emergency. I staggered in as he told me to sit down. He said "I've heard you want to know about your fathers work but I got some better news how would you like to finish your fathers work. I obviously said yes and got 20 other of my men to help me.

We flew to Chernarus to go to the science lab to experiment on me and my men. He said "There are many labs all over the world trying to do the same cure or should I say victory of all war potion". They wanted me because they said we need strong men who were related or knew someone who has done this before. We all went in these small beds with a glass cover on it. they got all of my men including me to lay down on them to do some experiments on us. they filled the bed with gas and I instantly fell to sleep.

I woke up everything was silent. I stood up and stumbled onto the floor I saw my general facing the wall breathing heavily. I went to grab his shoulder when he dashed at my hand trying to bite it. I quickly found a huge needle an said "sir, don't make me do this. he ran at me as I slashed the needle into his head. After I got dressed and walk outside. My face dropped when I saw HELL ON EARTH!

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