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To the people of Chernarus

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Sounds of birds and wind in the trees act as a backdrop for a sudden radio broadcast that goes wide.

People of Chernarus. This is Salvatore Scarpaci, consigliere to the Don of The Syndicate; I work for Brandon Terrano.

For the last few months, we've been producin', sellin'... Pushin', narcotics to your people. For that I truly do apologize, we were very wrong in doing so.

But, uh...

A brief pause, as Sal, slightly quivering, inhales and exhales.

...Everything... Shit... Everything's gonna be fine. The brothers and sisters of Chernarus has returned to reclaim the motherland.

The broadcast ends as suddenly as it had begun.


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*Brandon holds down on his PTT, a slight smirk on his face.*

"I have no doubt in my mind none of the people  in this country will believe this, besides the spastic CDF of course. I know where you are Sal, we'll come retrieve you soon. And to anyone else listening, seems our allies in the war against Anarchy were worse then them, aye?"

*Brandon chuckles softly.*

"War doesn't end until no one is left. And to the member of the officers who was held up with my friend here, we'll speak soon. Don't believe what Salvatore was forced to say, and let's work together for a better world... There has to be something after."

*Brandon's voice fades out.*

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Hours later, another broadcast is let out from Sal.

People of Chernarus, this is Salvatore Scarpaci again.

Yesterday a group of extremist pricks threatened me into passing on the lie you heard from me on the radio. As you all know, we have never, nor will we fuckin' ever, force drugs or anythin' else on anyone.

When Anarchy terrorized the fuckin' country, we helped lead a coalition to Novy. Great succes or not, we fought for you, not against you.

We don't do no fuckin' harm to civilians, and we fuckin' won't start doin' it now. The Syndicate is no terrorist organization, I hope you fuckin' know that.

To the police officer who got held up with me; I'm sorry that you had to become involved, and glad you got outta there in one piece.

To Luke, if you're out there... Thanks for tryin'.

He lets go of the PTT, leaving it at that.

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Mikhail spoke on the broadcast frequency

"Alright friend. Sincerity was your key to salvation. If you don't repent for your crimes, then I shall do it for you.

Dobrou noc."

He let go of the PTT once more

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*Brandon holds down his PTT.*

"Ah, yes, the mercy of the Chernarussian nationalist party. I repent for my crime of fighting for your country while you hid behind us. Honestly even if we did or planned to drug people, when the fuck would we have the time to do that? Once the Syndicate was developed we got into that damned war a week later. Y'all are really grasping for air to make us seem like the bad guys, huh?"

*Brandon releases his PTT.*


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