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Jono the giant

Sybil wilde: the lord chose me

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*sybil sits down in a broken but still in tact church in the town of elektro, he then pulls out a book and finds a pen on the sevice podium, he starts to write...*

the holy path i am to walk along.



"i have always been a religious man. Born into a christian household raised well, taught to love and respect all, always attended church on sunday even gave a few prayers at my local chapel on the services at the podium.

All in my community loved it when i spoke my prayers to the almighty father its like they understood that i had such faith for the lord and nothing bad could ever happen to me because he had my whole world in his hands. 

one sunday, after service i was asked to stay behind and explain to the reverand why my beliefs were so strong and could not be strayed away from the light. My awnser was simple i live by the commandments god had told moses to present and to live by. so, I live my life by these simple instructions as i have done ever since i was a child and could understand how to read and write. The following of the lords laws of christianity has brought me the fruit of a most prosperous life.

the reverand took his hand and placed it on my forhead closed his eyes drew the cross on my forehead with his finger and said to me "sybil my child god has reached into your life in such a way i would not be suprised if you were to become a saint or the next chosen representitive of the father, son and holy spirit after moses himself. And because of this you have my blessing"

Could this be the sign the reverand meant?


A few weeks after my chat at church with the reverand,  i was walking home across my local playing field After work when a vast amount of Storm clouds rolled in and blocked out the sun which cascaded the area into darkness, a few moments later rainfall came down at a torrential rate.

With thunder and sheet lightning erupting across the plains of grey stormclouds " oh lord! What have thou done to anger you" i said as the lightning and thunder was increasing in magnitude creating flashes of dazzling silver bolts dancing across the sky and thunder that could shake your Very soul. 

i had almost reached the end of the field when what i could only describe as a miracle and gods message to me was given. A bolt of silver lightning shot from the heavens above to strike me down and bring me into the light.. I think i died that monday. what they say is true you. Know, you do see a light. A voice sounding so neutral and pure started speaking to me. 

"you are to carry out my wishes, you shall lead your people to a better world. Follow the commandments as you have done all of your life. let those who choose to disobey me feel the wrath of my anger  and smite them down to the hellfires below. You will be forgiven.... You will be forgiven...."

as the voice faded, i felt warmth on my body once more am i dead? Am i in heaven? No i was still alive. The clouds had parted and created a ray of sunlight what i could only anticipate as god giving me another life after passing on his message to me!  truely a miracle for the ages! 

the bolt Had struck me through my shoulder leaving a mark from my shoulder blade down to my calf permenantly given to me by the holy father.

I returned home a few hours later after what seemed a eternity from the lightning striking me and causing my leg to become stiff and sore i sat down and turned on the television. The ITV 6 o'clock news had just begun to broadcast. 

"good evening you are watching the ITV news at six here is the latest news in the region. Reports of a growing group of people all sharing the same idea that the true creator of the universe as we know it  is infact a extra-terestrial lifeform. Yes students and professors from cambridge university have come with the conclusion that..." 

i could not listen to anymore and turned off the television in anger. " i am the lord thy god, thou shall not have any strange gods before me" i said the first commandment broken... Well.. Time to carry out thy lords instructions bestowed upon me

the final hour is upon you.Storm_clouds.thumb.jpg.76ff1bd21f036613514279ee9af47471.jpg


The day after the news report on the television i had gone into my shed and took my old timber axe and sharpened it, these so called "discoverers" were soon to find out there cannot be any other being higher than the holy father himself who gave life to all and not expecting anything in return than to be faithful... 

my morning paper was delivered and i saw the blasphemors were going to be in the shopping centre in the city centre, a few miles from home. I got dressed and took my axe along with me.

Upon arrival they had already started to spread their lies trying to turn people against my lord! I calmly walked to the stand and used the microphone "tell me my child, do you believe in the holy father" i got no awnser but laughter and the lot of them pointing at me. Slightly embarresed i shouted "well heres a message from the heavenly father above for me to give to you!"

I jumped off the stage now brandishing my axe which i had hidden underneath my large coat and thrusted the blade through the skull of one of the non worshipers. 

i grabbed the microphone and repeated the first commandment over and over again whilst chasing down each and every one of them , i killed 10 and injured 32. The 10 will be condemed to spend eternity in hell whilst the 32 fighting for their lives will either be spared by god or suffer a angonising afterlife in the buring abyss below. 

the police arrived and i handed myself in. I was in court only 3 days later and shipped all over the shop for dealing with sinners and blasphemors in every prison avalible... The UK had me sent here the toughest prison in the world they call it.. Funny i was kept in a padded box to only see food and water when i woke up every morning and hear talk of me being crazy and there they are right i am crazy, crazily in love with the lord 

i was only doing as instructed to by the holy father himself  and to whoever finds this at any given time....

i have one simple question for you....

do you believe in god my child?




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Glad to see you had posted more! Good job on keeping up with the colours and pictures! Makes it stand out more. ?

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