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Rose! Troy!?

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After not hearing back from Rose, Hope would be wandering back and forth in the house she took up temporary residence in. She would take her radio before talking on it.

"Rose, where on God's green Earth did you go?
Troy, she's supposed to be with you.
I told her not to go, but she's stubborn, is she with you?
I was supposed to be b--... assisting in Chris' safety... But he wasn't where he said he was...
Listen I don't know the half of you but she needs to be safe..."

She shakes her head, overcoming a bad feeling.

"Please don't tell me..."

She cuts herself off, think positive.


She says with a calm manor.

"Where is Rose?"

She lowers her radio, awaiting a response from the man. Rubbing her hand over her mouth briefly as she spaces out staring at a wall whilst she waited.

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Chris would change the frequency of his radio back as he leaves the tent, speaking quickly into the radio as he hits the PTT

"Hope, it's Chris. I'm heading back to where we were staying. I had already gotten water when I saw you. I figured you were just thirsty.

Chris sighs quickly, still trying to rub the blood off his shirt, before continuing

"Right, I put a message out on our private comms for her, but I should be back where you guys are at within the hour. With any luck, Troy or her will have responded by then. Otherwise..

He would pause, trying to think of other options, seeing none, he sighs reluctantly

"Someone has to find her."

Chris would go to release the PTT but hesitates, guilt suddenly hitting him

"I'm sorry I had to run off..but never mind that right now I guess. I'll be on the frequency you talked to Rose on the other day..and don't let Marcus get himself killed whatever you do."

Chris would clip the radio to his vest and break off into a run, the adrenaline numbing his thoughts and pains

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