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i love you [OPEN FREQ]

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*Jaxon sits on top of the hood of this old pickup truck he fixed with drops of blood gliding down his forehead onto the rose tatooed onto his neck. He clenches his fists and looks down at a bloody lake with infected swimming in it. He sighs and opens his final pack of  bloody cigarettes. He looks down at the last crumbled smoke sitting there, waiting. He presses his lips around the sigaret closing his eyes, and keeping his eyes closed for a minut. He opens them with slight tears in his eyes and decides to calmly press the PTT*

''Hey... Its Jaxon here.''

*He lets out a deep sigh*

''I love you.''

*He pauses and you hear him raise his voice a bit more*

''I love all of you that are hearing this message, you. The people. The people of this lost country, the people that are doing their goddamn best to thrive and to simply survive. Im sure most of you know who i am, know im a Valentine and know that that name has crumbled under the greed and power of certain man that want to see us all burn to a damn crisp. However that is a satisfaction you will never get to see or even feel.''

*He puts the cigaret in his mouth and lights it*

''The oppressors die and the people keep on growing and the people sure as shit keep breathing.''

''To the loved ones i have left, i will never give up on you and i have never given up on you.''

*He glides down from the hood and stand down on his feet, leaning on the hood barely being able to walk to sit down into his car and he closes the door*

''Most of you will recieve a personal message from me onto your radio so keep it close, i will inform you on what happened with me and whats going to happen''

*He sighs and takes a long drag from his burning smoke*

''I love you''

*He blows out the smoke and flicks it out of the window. He starts the engine and looks at himself for a couple of seconds, he sees nothing but a bloody hurt face. He drops a single tear before driving off*

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"JAX! Where have you been?! I've been worried sick! Sending you a transmission, I love you too."

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'Ey, Jax. It's the other handsome brother here. Let me know if you need anythin'.

Sal drops the radio back into his pocket and moves on through the treeline, now with a bit more of a smile on his face.

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*Sitting out side a police station he face still painful from what had happened two days before he hears his brothers voice on the radio. He let's out a sigh, taking out his radio he transmits to reply*

Sounds like i have been left alone with no family and my friends have all but turned their backs on me. Looks like i really am alone in this world. Jaxon if you hear this brother. I love you and were ever you go know that i love you too. I'll try and survive but i don't think i am going to make it anymore. Safe travels brother.

*An deep depressed sigh down can be heard down the radio before the radio falls silent*

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5 minutes ago, SgtSmithy said:


*A Chernarussian voice comes over the airwaves*

So it's confirmed, you are still alive.

You still fail to realise, nobody fucking likes you because of all the shitty things you do and say to people. Sure they're not pure evil, but you're an asshole to quite a lot of people, even if not directed at myself, it still makes you look like an ass. 

How about instead of still giving us this sob story about how you're alone, you change your fucking personality for once. God, you do know the definition of insanity right?

*The voice leaves the radio*

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Fae takes out her radio, raising a brow at the questionable broadcast. For a moment, she decides it is best to not reply and goes to return her radio to her jeans pocket. Surely whatever she had to say would go unheeded, anyway. However, she pauses, radio half wedged into her pocket, and a frown appears on her face. Pulling it back out, she raises it and pushes the PTT button. Her voice is rather snappy, one of obvious annoyance.

"Oh for fucks...
Grow a fucking spine, Jaxon. 

You're not fooling anyone with this fucking pity party. 
Must be a Valentine thing to pussy out and whine when shit gets hard.
At least, a male Valentine thing, because I've seen more fight in all of your sisters 
than I have in any of the pathetic, snivelling little Valentine boys.
It is a shame who lives and who dies, isn't it? Because I'd sure as shit rather have any of them over 
you kids.

Then again, it is easy to survive when all you do is run away and hide at the slightest bit of danger. Leave everyone else to suffer, as long as you're safe, right?

The Valentine name has been tarnished due to the actions of people like you. Instead of blaming everyone, maybe take a long hard look at yourself and how you've handled situations.

Do everyone a favour, Jaxon, and grow a pair. If not, I guess the next best thing is to find the nearest cliff and do a blackflip off it.
Maybe take Colt with you..

Releasing the button, Fae shoves the radio in her pocket with a little more force than required. 

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*Vasily can't help but smile as he presses the PTT*

Well, that's cute. I love you too, little man?

Fucking christ...

*Vasily releases the PTT*

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*Louie picks up the radio and speaks*

"This is very interesting when I was doing things In Novy I found it quite interesting how yall sold each other out some family you all are"

"Family is supposed to be sacred but I guess it doesn't mean shit to you people"

"Awful shame"

"Oh and there was this other guy who was selling out the coalition"

"Fuck I forget his name hold up I will get back to yall"

*Louie releases the PTT*

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Ashley was in Chernogorsk, alone with nobody and nothing but the darkness beside her, in deep thought once again. She heard her radio buzz to life, usually, she would never listen to the radio, but this time she listened in as she looked down at her scarred arms. Lacking attention from the outside world, she felt deprived.

"He doesn't know what he is talking about... He can't care and love everyone?" - She sighed as she thought about cutting again, she held the knife firmly against her wrist, she continued to listen.

She moved the knife away after she listened in on the replies, she placed the radio firmly against her lips and held down the PTT, with a curious yet shaken tone in her voice she had spoken.

"Jaxon? You don't know me... But are you genuine? Is it possible to love those you do not know, have not met? Tell me, what do you do when the alienating silence deafens your 'bootless cries'?" - Ashley looked down in confusion, she placed her hand on her head as she gripped a tight hold of her hair, in a deep yet nerving tone she had spoken again.

"Sounds like you have people who care about you, don't take that for granted." - Ashley released the PTT,  alone in her tent she grabbed the knife, she let the blood spill down instead of her tears.

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*Grant hears Jaxon speak on the radio after such a long time*

*Hey Jax it's Grant man, i know it's been a while since i last saw you but i just want to you know that i still consider you a friend and i hope you're safe man, im gonna be going away a bit myself and thinking about things...things in my life need to change and im going away to see what those things are. you stay safe Jaxon and take care my friend*

*Transmission Ends*

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 -user was warned for this post-

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*Erik holds down the PTT button*

"Are you gay or something? Jdi do píči z této frekvence"

*Releases the PTT button*

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*Miroslav grabs his radio and pushes down the PTT button.*

Jdi do prdele...

*He pauses.*

...take the hint and fuck off with your western hippie shit. No one wants to hear it...


At least there are some of my people left...

*He shakes his head.*

Sláva národu, bratři!

*He releases the PTT button again.*





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*Jason chuckles for a moment before pressing down the PTT*

"Hey, chernorussians, or russians.... He said everyone, including females. That should prove he's not?"

"But hey, I always like to think that the ones questioning somone elses sexuality, tend to have some hard times with their own sexualities. Either way you're grown fucking men, but you act like a bunch a teenagers bullying another teen, grow the fuck up already."
"Jesus, you're even more homophobic than my own dad."

*He chuckles once more and then releases the PTT for a moment before pressing it down again.*

"Now for whoever you lover boy is, good on you."

*He then lets go off the PTT.*

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