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Nick Walden - "Riches to Rags" [Feedback Appreciated]

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This is the back ground story of my character. All feedback will be appreciated, not sure if it is a bit on the thin side or not.

Nick grew up as an average boy in a small town on the outskirts of London, he enjoyed playing football, biking through the nearby fields and playing games. Nick is a trusting person, he prefers friends to enemies. When faced with a task or problem, Nick is determined and somewhat stubborn. He is optimistic even in a bad situation, Nick will take risks, but not unnecessary ones unless he doesn’t have a choice. Growing up in a city he is not accustomed to camping, nature or survival and so feels cautious when thrust into a new environment.

He never went to university, and he never enlisted into the army when friends around him had. Some of them never came back, and Nick was upset and alone, just like when his grandfather had list the fight. He spent time with his father, who he cared for very much; and the rest of his family at their house. He got a job as an office clerk in London and had a very average life, going to work, going home to his Eastern-European girlfriend, and repeated that for several years.

But Nick got lucky, he got out of his sleepy English suburban town by winning the lottery at the age of 25. He quit his low paid office job, he married his girlfriend and he bought a yacht; a dream he and his father had for decades. Life couldn’t get better. Nick sailed across the seas on a long holiday away with his family. Much to their excitement, his girlfriend later became pregnant on the trip. So they changed course and aimed to travel to her home country; to see his wife's family and announce their new grandchild to them. Then everything changed.

They were docked in another country when the outbreak hit, they escaped within an inch of their lives but Nick lost his father to the infection, as terrible a shock as it was to Nick, he stayed calm and optimistic, as his grandfather had always told him to do in the face of a crisis and to keep the rest of his family together. Losing his Dad was not just an emotional blow, but he was the only other person who knew how to sail apart from Nick. With difficulty they continued sailing looking for safety when they were hit by a storm, their boat capsized. Nick plunged into the ocean as he clung on to a backpack that was on the deck and used it as buoyancy, he lost consciousness as he was taken away on a current. He washed up hours later on the shores of Chenarus, his family missing, his future shattered.

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