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Jono the giant

Any authorities still alive?

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*sybil wakes from sleeping rough in a bush, pops his head out of the top and runs into a nearby house across the street. After seeing the house is vacant he pulls his radio out of his bag and presses the button*

"good morning ladies and gents. Sybil wilde here... Just seeing if there is still any forces about after this shit show crisis. If there is listen very carefully...

I will not be put in the slammer again! untill i rid the world of sinners and walking hellspawn living amongst us!. The evil shall be iradicated from this world by my own two hands as god has sent me to do so! Anyone who tries to stop me carrying out gods plan shall join the rest of the blasphemers in hell!"

*sybil proceeds to lower the radio and place it back in his bag, he then walks over to a window and looks out of it into the sky to sign with his hands the cross on his chest*


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*Vasily presses the PTT*

Heard about seven crazy fuckers in uniform from a friend, but that’s what they are — crazy fuckers. No cops left here, try Russia, da?

*Vasily releases the PTT*

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*sybil responds after hearing the voice from inside his bag*

"aah! I think i recognise your voice, you mentioned the "corperation"? I asked for your name. But you never responded did you pass out or something my child? Just to know so if i meet you, you will not be purified. Telling me about these sinners has given. You my lords forgiveness as i go along the path of cleaning the hellspawn from these lands."

*sybil releases the button and lowers it by his side*

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*Vasily presses the PTT, audibly confused*

What in the fuck are you talking about? Who are you? I’ve never heard your voice before...

*Vasily mumbles “what the fuck...” and releases the PTT*

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*sybil even more confused then the man tilts his head to the side and says*

"a few days ago i heard a transmition whilst flicking through the channels, there was a mention of a corperation and someone said very weakly along the lines of  "the corperation are at it again then pink armbands kill the pink armbands i got shot in the side" something along those lines my memory is not that great and they sounded in alot of pain..

hope this clears up your confusion you sure it was not you or have i mistaken you for somebody else?"

*sybil shakes his head places his radio back into his bag and says to himself " that poor child of god, they hurt him so much he cant remember his own words..."* 

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Same MO: Chernarussian-sounding guy speaks up, pitch changed a bit.


<:: There's a bit of police left, people just tend to not notice it seems. Nothing in a way to resemble how it was before the mess, of course. With everything that's happened I really doubt "they"will care about some guy escaping some prison somewhere. Unless...


There is a short pause.


<:: ... unless you mean to imply you belong behind bars or should be put back behind 'em?



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*sybil hearing the man on the radio presses the button on the side and responds*

"my dear chap, i escaped... i was sent down for killing 10 and. Putting 32 in critical conditions, but they all fucking deserved it!! Drowned in their own blood as they lied there on the floor... I was told no parole... No bail... No chance of me getting out of prison ever...

Once the UK couldent contain me i was shipped, chained up like a animal in a steel box blindfolded and shoved in a maximum security cell of that prison off the shores of this country...

I belong in there my time hasent been served... But  Due to a miracle the door opened!! a sign! A sign the lord wants me to carry on my work! 

so i swam to shore... Looking to rid of the evil in this land just as i did in my home country... If that means heads to come off in the name of the lord so be it...

*the radio immidently goes silent*

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He replies not long after, without any change to the voice or intonation, other than being slightly surprised.


<:: You must be lying on purpose or be psychotic, which would not be a surprise given your ramblings. Or took your time announcing it. There seem to be some fallacies to the story. But for amusement's sake, I dig deeper.

Let's see... you are an UK citizen or prisoner from the UK and you tell me they would've been unable to handle you, so they give another country some violent prisoner? The fuck? Alright, let's play along further. Let's assume that is real because I haven't heard many or any stories from countries taking in prisoners with no relation whatsoever. As if we would take the trash of other nations...

Now, if we go along with this and if you in fact refer to the prison in South Zagoria oblast near the province capital Chernogorsk, I got news for you: The area was vacated after the infection spread, with most prisoners moved to more secure locations. It should've been empty ever since. Ok, we play along further. You were left there, for whatever reason. Maybe because you are "so dangerous", the guards did not give a shit. Wonder why they did not put a bullet in you, as you are not even a citizen of this nation.

Now who the hell fed or cared for you over half a year? Did you piss and shit in the cell corner all the time? Scrape off mold from the wall to consume? Must not have been a lot. On another note, I've been to the area myself last year, and then again this year. There were always different people and groups visiting or holding it down, I doubt they just cared for you or even noticed you. I did not notice anyone stuck in cells in the main complex, either. It was empty besides maybe for some unfortunate leftovers and corpses. Maybe they actually left people behind but those were not locked up in cells.


There is a short break, it seems.


<:: So, that doesn't really make sense. Either way, maybe you should be locked up. I also doubt you could recreate your "success" again - most people you encounter now are armed or hardened in one way or another. Maybe you should drop the act, before someone is out for a rampage for you, instead.


Then, he let's go.



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*sybil pushes the button on his radio to respond for one last time* 

" i was fed, i was watered only when i was asleep would something be slid in. 

People called me insane and i totaly agree with them, i am insane.. Insanely in love with our heavenly father.. 

Believe what you want to believe and doubt which you choose to doubt.

Only you can walk the path you choose...

*the radio cuts silent*

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