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I’m awake.

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*Corrin pushes down her PTT and weakly begins to speak, you may notice she sounds under the influence of something due to slow and slurred speech*

“Um...is this thing working? I’ve never used one before.”

*she pauses and shakes the radio*

“I guess it might be. I’m not sure where I am. Is everyone okay? 

I don’t feel very good. Last I remember was puking outside our home but I just woke up in a bed and this radio was next to me.

It looks like someone changed my clothes and bandaged my wounds.”

*she groans in pain and sounds panicked*

“And there’s a needle in my arm?! I need to get it out! Oh I’m going to be sick...”

*you would hear some struggling and crying, the radio then falls silent*

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Stitching up the graze in his arm with one hand and pulling the stitch thread through with his teeth, his turns his head to the radio, which buzzes to life with a familiar voice. He recognizes Corrin voices over the radio and immediately races with a million thoughts. Realizing that his best option might be to let her know the truth, he finishes her radio transmission before grabbing the radio and pressing down on the PTT, his voice would sound stressed and very angry.

"Listen.. Corrin, it's David. Louie's.. I dunno how to tell you this in a way you're not gonna freak the fuck out, but if you'll listen to me and stay calm, I've got a plan. Louie's been captured by some Chernarussian police and Chernarussian military dudes. I literally, LITERALLY just escaped from them and I'm stitching up a fucking graze in my arm when I stole a police man's gun and shot several others before making a mad fucking dash for the exit.

He groans as he fucks up a stitch in the process.

"Fucking Jesus this shit stings.. Listen, meet me in Novy Sobor soon. I've got a plan for this but I'm not discussing it over public airwaves, I know for a fact the feds are listening. I'm gonna take a nap in someone's tent out here in the woods and meet with you tomorrow, in the meantime, you should get some shut-eye if you haven't already.

Don't want more of my friends getting captured by the fucking feds."

He would release the PTT and finish basic first-aid stitching to himself before packing up and heading to the tent to lie down and rest for the day.

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*she pushes down the PTT, she would still sound weak and loopy*

”Um what? Police? Military?”

*she laughs nervously and continues*

”Just um get your friends like Leo and go get Louie. And what do mean captured by the feds? I’ve done nothing wrong except underage dri-“

*she abruptly stops and groans*

“Underage driving once and it was a bike so doesn’t count. Totally. Unless being married to Louie is illegal?

I don’t even know where I am and I think I need to puke. Actually I do need to puke and I’m dizzy. Someone poked me with needles and stuff and I don’t know. And if I go there and get arrested I’ll cry....but if I don’t come I’ll get in trouble. Are they listening?

I’m dizzy so I’ll start traveling now cause I bet it’ll take a while if something doesn’t eat me.”

*she releases her PTT*

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