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Fae paces the ground, radio in one hand and pistol in the other. There is obvious fury in each step as her finger taps the side of her Glock in thought, though her eyes appear slightly bloodshot, clearly, she is horrendously upset. Finally, she pauses, staring up at the sky with an expression of pure anger. Gripping the radio, she forces a deep breath to attempt to calm herself, but it does very little to suppress the anger in her voice as she pushes the PTT button firmly.


Yesterday evening I entrusted you with a dear friend, someone I felt confident would be safe with you. Someone you told us you would take care of, knowing how vulnerable he was... 

Now I know why you really didn't want me and David to accompany you. You know we would have done something to stop you...
I know what you did to Colt. 
I know...
You fucking...

There is a pause as she attempts to regain some control over herself, and her voice returns, forcibly calmed, though there is the occasional emotional break she cannot prevent.

I can't believe this. I can't fucking believe what you've done.
 How could you turn on someone who needed you? He was fucking helpless, and I trusted you to take care of him!
What reason do you have to torture someone that way? Have you no fucking shame? Did you get some kind of sick pleasure out of it? Don't you think he's suffered enough?

Please, enlighten me, because I am dying to know your reasonings, Havel.
I trusted you, all of you... how could you do this?

Finally, her anger ebbs and all that is left is a tone of sorrow and guilt. She felt stupid for just handing a friend over to people who would abuse him.
Tell me... what did he do to deserve this?"

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*Havel takes up his radio, raising his eyebrow as he heard her voice*

Okay first of... how did you.. Wait. He's alive isn't he?

So many things of what you just said are factually wrong. You know our frequencies. If you want the truth contact me and we'll meet.

*He releases his transmit button*

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