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Robbie, it's Meika

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Meika would look down to what started seeming like a mobile phone for her. She seemed to communicate more on that than with actual forms of people infront of her. She would take her radio and press down the PTT, sitting on the chair in her room as she talks...

"Robbie... It's Meika...
Hondo managed to get me and we're far away from anyone right now...
I left you a note whilst you were sleeping with a frequency I picked out.
I'm sure Hondo would like to keep updated with what's going on...
Can you do me a favour?
If you bump into Aleksei... Tell him I'm not mad at him...
Make sure you're safe... And I'm sure you can visit anytime..."

She would remain looking at the radio before finally releasing the PTT. She would look around her new bedroom, taking out her teddybears (Hondo, Aleksei, Mikhail, Fredrick, Cliff and Birdie) setting them on a shelf before unpacking the rest of her bag. She settles down her books next to her bed before inhaling quick. Taking an aspirin that Lily had prescribed her.

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