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A Black Rose Message

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Cullen holds the radio as he sits in altar radio station. Surrounded by yellow arm banded men and men without armbands. all CDF or CDF allies. They urged him to speak so he did. His Irish accent came as its normal cheery self but had very serious over tone.

" Hello to anyone hearing this. Alot of you may now who i am. for those who don't. my name is Cullen Shae leader of The Black Roses. I am here today to tell you a few things."

He gulps hard realizing his dilemma. He dosen't want anyone else dieing due to hubris and pride.

" The sons and daughters of chernarus and south zagoria have come back to claim back their homes. They have come with the might of the Chernarus Defense force. With enough bodies and resources to fill tisy military base back to full operating order. Do not be afraid. They are hear to stabilize the area for good."

Some men around him suggest things to say, but with it all being said at once from different voices Cullen just continues.

"The Black Roses are no longer part of the coalition. We have won the war against anarchy. they left the country.  there is no one to fight. Brandon. your actions against the CDF and its allies have put all the coalition in jeopardy. Every single member should denounce the syndicate for their egos have gotten you into the cross fire from the might of the government and military that owns these lands. anyone with information regarding the syndicate should report said information to the black roses or the CDF it self."

Another pause as cullen looks at his friend alex. it was the first time he killed a man. his bullet wound just fixed and his face looking white as a sheet.

"I ask this of the CDF and their allies. Let The Black Roses operate out of Pogerevka. We will set up a trade route around the immediate area. Make a community for people to come and go. Farm, hunt, scavenge and trade. Nothing more. We just want to survive after fighting a bloody war that we only won due to the enemy leaving the battle field. I do not want to fight anymore. i just wish to create prosperity for my people and those whom still live in this country. I am hoping one day. one day. we can put all these shit behind us and be human. One man flew to close to the sun... do not let those who tried their best  to fight freedom of this country be tangled in with those who fly high with hubris and pride. One mans actions should not speak for an entire different group. that is all."

he puts the radio on the floor and looks around the radio station room. he only hopes the smirks and scowls he sees around him aren't those of a dooming nature.

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*Louie picks up the radio and speaks*

"You did not win the war with Anarchy we are still here dumbass"

"We did not lose a single fight and we are still around chilling"

"So I've no clue what the fuck you are on about saying we left and that you won"

"Bullshit fake news"

*Louie releases the PTT*

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Sal picks up his radio at the sound of Cullen's voice, at first pleased to hear it, he soon grows a frown on his face. His response is calm, and there's a hint of pity in his voice.

Irish, this is Sal. You sound like a beat dog, Friend, what happened? If you and yours ain't safe, you know we're ready to assist.

This whole CDF circus ain't on us, Cullen, and you fuckin' know it. Yeah, Chris has a big fuckin' mouth, but him nearly dyin' from it was outta line. You know that, too.

He lets go of the PTT. From his perch in a tree up north of Severograd, he scouts out of the city. He shakes his head, and when he pushes in the PTT again, he sounds more resolute.

Look, Brandon extended an offer to end all this shit. He threw away his demands, chose to be the bigger boy in the argument. We got no fuckin' response. That means the comin' war is entirely, 100 percent, on the CDF. We tried to do some good, and one fuckin' over reaction destroyed that good. Hell, Luke, Boris, and the rest of the big dicks ain't even on my mind no more. At least we knew that we could trust those boys to just fuckin' gat us whenever. The CDF were allies to us, and the shoved a fuckin' machete up our collective fuckin' assholes.

Silence again, as the PTT is released. Sal climbs down from his perch, and before setting off towards the south, he adds:

You're way fuckin' better than this, Irish. I hope you fuckin' remember that.

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*Sergei sits alone in his camp. He looks around at the old site he had used many a time before joining the roses. His rifle leans against a tree nearby along with his pack and guitar. A fire crackles in front of him, casting long, dark shadows over the ground.

He presses the ptt and speaks, his voice sounds tired*

I fought for this government once...

They believe that what they're doing is right. That they deserve to take back their homeland.

And yet they left when their homeland was over run.

I fought for them.

I show them all the proof in the world of who I am and yet they turn a blind eye to it and try to kill me and my brothers.

These people will stop at nothing to take back their home. They have the manpower to do it. Perhaps not the skill, but the manpower.

*He releases the ptt for a moment, taking a breath before pressing the ptt again, his voice sounds more angry*

Maybe another war isn't what this country needs, but we don't need to roll onto our backs and surrender.

Sal is right Irish, we're better than this.

*he releases the ptt*


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"you know as well as i do. if they come at us and we have the chance. we fight back. we fought for freedom over anarchy. we fought along side the CDF. We practically fought for chernarus. if nothing else, we showed everyone people aren't going to stand for bullshit. It's not bullshit to come in and re-secure your home. ."

He paused his accent loosing it cheerfulness.

"If we fought to help south zagoria why are we fighting the locals? a few things happened. i'm not 100 percent sure what lads. we called upon each other to fight the shit that was wrong with this country. to stabilize it. if we fight this fight and all party's cant come to a agreement.... we all are the problem. I fought for something. People died for something. If we dont pick a path that ends all the work we did. Its all for nothing."

He sighed looking at the woods around him like it was some sort of fading dream.

"How are we ever going to survive if all we do is fight each other? why does there always have to be a fight? Our aim was to create something from the aftermath of months of fighting, and im done fucking fighting. I'm done living in the middle of the woods scrapping by in the shadows until the next fight. i'm done watching my men fall to bullets and battle. i'm tired of having to see my friends, looking at me with that worried look. what are we going to do? The only thing i know is how to survive. i think everyone can agree the black roses know how to do that. "

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*He presses the PTT*

"jesus again with war....You need to stop big dicking and just not get everyone in this country killed by your fucking idiotic plans"

*He releses the PTT*

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*Vasily presses the PTT*

Anarchy disband, da? An interesting development, Irish man. Thank you for sharing...

*Vasily releases the PTT*

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*Matthias would awaken in damp sleeping bag to hear a mans plea for peace, and shake his head..then presses the PTT*

"Mister Shae, is it? If i were you i wouldn't trust the CDF as far as i could throw them...The Mountain trusted such a force before, to help us fight our enemies and in return we would help them, but unfortunately they use their "friends" as bait for their own agenda, they betrayed my people and in return we wiped the streets with their stupid little barrett's...i pray you don't make the same mistake as we did, help us fight them, help us take down the Corrupt CDF!"

*Matthias would slump back into his sleeping back and think to himself 'i sure hope he considers what i said'*

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[Aaron holds down the PTT]

"Oh? Anarchy disbanded? thats news to me, and I'm a part of Anarchy. Nah mate, we won every single fight against you warmongering pricks. I'm going to train to be a fucking helicopter pilot, come back and bomb you all. Hopefully then you'll get the fucking message and give up."

[Aaron releases the PTT]

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Caelo sighs heavily as he shakes his head, listening to the arguing and aggression.

"There was a time, when I was deployed in Sicily to deal with a bunch of mafioso's who's heads got too big for their... However that line goes..."

"They thought they could win everyone over by beating them into submission. But funny thing about humans... You. Can't. Beat. Us."

"My team went in, only 6 of us. And within 49 hours, the family had been torn apart, tortured, mutiliated and destroyed, because the people didn't see them as human anymore..."

"Any and all parties who want to try and establish a place for themselves MUST realize that the ONLY reason they get constantly harrassed and attack is because they are either weak-minded and let cruel bastards take over, or are themselves the cruel bastards."

"I feel no pity for people who are shot down because they either refused to stand up, or because they got too full of themselves..."

"It's no safe place for anyone. Man, woman, or child. Military, or civilian..."

"And unfortunately, I've become someone I hate... I won't even bother trying to put up a fight. But I sure as hell am not gonna be rolled over by ANY person or persons. So, I simply put this to the CDF and any other group with big ideas. Are you going to take the route of dictatorship, rule for a short while and end up a mutilated corpse, who's family is brutalized as revenge. Because unlike North Korea, you don't have generations of brainwashing behind your back? Or are you going to take the route of an actually substainable leadership?"

He tosses his radio back onto his lap, sighing heavily as he placed a hand on his ribs. He shot another dose of morphine into his system before closing his eyes.

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