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Hello everyone

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I had come to learn about this community from a friend of mine and I was SO excited to hear about it. SO here I am, when the applications open up here soon I figured I would make my attempt at joining. This is my background and I really hope you all like it.

Paul Joseph Smith III

Paul is a middle aged American doctor with the St. Peters Church out of Indiana that were on a humanitarian mission before the outbreak. Whilst giving medical aid in a nearby region to refuges that have been flooding from the Czech Republic. Working tirelessly night after night treating wounded men women and children, Paul's world is shaken on an early morning as the sound of gunfire drowns out the sound of the crying women and children. Some local rebels were assaulting the UN peacekeepers guarding their Chapter. As chaos ensued around their camp, Paul ran for his life not knowing where he was going or what to do just one simple goal, live. Running as fast as he can down a road no longer hearing the shooting behind him he begins to hear a truck roaring up behind him. Continuing to run trying to evade his pursuers he is shocked to see that it was actually survivors from his chapter fleeing also trying to escape the horror that lay behind them. They had picked up Paul telling him that they had slaughtered all the refuges back at the camp. After driving for what seemed like hours the truck finally came to a stop outside of a large hotel, leaving the truck he approached one of the locals and asked where they were. The local had told them that they were in Chernogorsk, After explaining their situation to the locals he directed them to go to a city called Elektrozavodsk and speak with the military force that had set up a base camp there assisting with a medical crisis. The chapter climbed into the vehicle and began traveling to Elektrozavodsk and were quickly stopped and a road block between the two cities. After asking what was going on they were told that the city had been quarantined. The chapter had explained the situation and the solders had then set up camp and wait for their superiors to return. Paul bedded down with his fellow survivors for the night to awaken to more gunfire and screams. He was horrified to see men around him being eaten, terrified, Paul hid behind the few soldiers still standing. Their attempts to subdue the sickly mob were futile. Again Paul ran, and he kept running back to the looming hotel into the distance to warn the locals of what was coming. As he entered the city he stared in horror as hundreds of these...these... zombies roamed the streets, what would he do next? This is his story.

Hello, I have been seeking an experience that really would bring out the WHAT would you really do in a zombie apocalypse? It has been really hard dealing with players who refuse to have any interaction and fire at anything that moves. I took some time and really pondered on my characters background. I wanted something good to join the server but nothing that is too crazy to not be believable. I am a player who really enjoys the heated moment when you encounter another player and am terrified as if they are going to rob me? Shoot me? Or maybe hopefully become my friend? I began my Dayz experience on the KOS path and felt terrible for it because it gave me no joy and I would ruin a player’s experience in a blink of an eye. I eventually switch to the bandit stick them up and rob them tactic. And I have been using that tactic for a solid 4-5 months now. But even then I get really Frustrated because Survivors/Bandits/ and even Hero's Shoot on sight without any hesitation. I would really love the player interactions that your server offers. I think that I can bring another healthy addition to you server, as roleplay is one of my favorite things to do in video games and I am glad a server has finally come around with such and awesome community.

Please do not take in the account of my name being scopeshot as me being a sit on hill snipe kiddy. I have used this gamer name ever since I started played first person shooters.

Please give me your opinions on my Background roleplay. If I am whitelisted I will be creating a background for each and every one and posting it here :D

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