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Server Status?

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This is one for the Admins so if all the Supports could hold their horses, this ain't no activity train.. I know how to choose the answer I deem worthy, tyty.  @Aiko @Oliv @Spartan @Ark @Rolle

Why is there now a new and improved server status to help people metagame?


Wasn't the point of it being removed previously to help prevent that? Now not only are names listed, but their groups too.. Just in case people weren't sure if they could dump tents, or avoid people all together.


1. Why was this not only changed back to showing names but 'improved' to show their groups too?
2. Any plans to remove it so people don't feel the need to see who said person is, to then choose how they will provide their RP?
3. I had a 3rd question but it's just slipped my mind.. If I remember I'll edit this.


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1. No clue, gotta ask @Rolle for this one. We decided to remove it the last staff meeting 2 months ago and now it is back. 

2. Not a fan of it myself and want to have it gone, a suggestion thread with a poll will help your/our case here.

3. tag me when you remember. :D 


Sorry that these answers are useless but I simply don't know. 

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Hey Mexi, 

If you haven't gotten an answer here in the questions forum, you can also give Ask The Admins a try. They're pretty quick to respond in there!

Choo choo, all aboard ;)

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I'm good waiting here ty

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