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groovy nate

To Felix Of Aegis.. {OPEN}

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Asleep in his chair, hands folded over one another and his Blackwater ballcap covering his eyes, David jolts awake and raises up. A sudden thundering noise of an engine firing up, and a truckload of anarchists leave the gate of Novy Sobor. He gets up and walks over to the window, on the window seal, a note reads "Contact Felix once awake." Realizing it's been a few weeks since the broadcast he first heard, he readjusts his black t-shirt and slides his cap back on. Unclipping the radio from his plate carrier, he lifts it to his mouth and presses the PTT.

This is to Felix of the Aegis Corporation, I apologize for not getting back to you like I should have. It's not often you find me speaking over these radio waves.. I'm almost always listening, however.

He pauses to think about his next request.

I'm going to keep this short, I don't like talking for long openly like this.

I need to meet with you about your previous broadcast. You have something about you and I want to know more of what you were talking about the last time we spoke on the airwaves. Meet me in Novy the next time you can, tell them you're looking for David Anderson.

You are not to reveal any information to anyone else asking this of you unless they are anarchists.

Don't disappoint me, Felix, because it'd be a goddamn shame if you had to disappear out here among all the others just like you, wouldn't it?

He releases the PTT, and grabs his gear, heading outside to the front of the church.

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