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Propaganda Broadcast Pt 3: I'm not dead yet

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*Vasily hobbles into the centre of the room he took refuge in. The makeshift cane he had been using snaps, and he falls to the ground, radio clattering off of his belt clip. He inches himself over, uses a wall to prop him up, and presses the PTT. Unlike the past, his cold, Russain voice isn't filtered from a balaclava*



You think you can kill me, Skintakers? This -- this is merely a bump in road. I would say three hundred and eight millimetre bullet in your side is a setback for anybody. I'll heal in due time.

What was his name... ah, Kent James? Some shit? How is he? Probably worse than I am, if he is still alive. What about woman in trees that fired on me and David, or the two people we took hostage in the barn? Logan! Logan Whitehorn! Regardless of situation hope cat is okay. At least understand I have some sort of decency, da? Kitten did nothing.

I'll be seeing you all soon. Now, to South Zagoria, Vasily Andropov is going nowhere. I will take these pieces of shit Skintakers down. Stay safe, South Zagoria.

*Vasily releases the PTT and lets the radio clatter to his side, all his energy being exhausted by the broadcast*

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*Nicholas catches the broadcast while his radio searches through frequencies. He sniffs once, before keying the PTT. Frowning as it fails to transmit once more, he slaps it a few times, and after that fails to work, checks the battery. After cleaning the terminals, he slots it back in and keys the PTT button.*

"This is to Vasily, and company. As one of you noted, I'm nobody. Let everyone hear this. I'm not with anyone here. I'm just passing through. I was held at gunpoint by both you and the people you were fighting. The so-called Skintakers. That being said, if we got a problem, let me know. Send me a private frequency and let's talk. That goes for anyone."

*The man releases the PTT, the button successfully becoming unstuck this time.*

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