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To the Anarchist and whoever else this broadcast reaches...

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*Eddie slowly regained consciousness and realized he was still alive, he looks up and notices that he was dragged from the front of the church to the rear of the church were the grave sites are. Eddie winces in pain for his shoulder was bleeding. He looks around to make sure no one was around as he went from tent to tent getting bandages and food, he also grabs a spare radio.*

*Eddie takes the bandages and wraps his bleeding shoulder and notices that the shot had missed anything vital, he then grabs what materials he needed and through the cover of darkness he is able to make his escape.*

*As Eddie is running he thinks about how close he was to biting the bullet and is thankful to be able to see another day in this hellhole. When Eddie reached a location he knew was safe he reached into his pocket and pulls the radio he had taken from the tent and presses the PTT button and begins to speak...*

"To the Anarchist, this is Eddie Sorella, you may of got me good last night but as you can tell I'm still standing. I will never back down from this fight, you motherfuckers took my wife from me, so if you think I'm just going to sit by as you take others loved ones before their time , I'm not!"

"I will fight until my last breath is coming from my body, I will never stop!"

*Eddie pauses for a brief moment as he takes a deep breath, he then begins to speak once more....*

"And to anyone besides these boys in blue who is hearing this, don't lie down and take their shit! Grab something and arm yourselves and rise up, take a stand and fight back!"

"By the way to others that are hearing this broadcast, these anarchist are not only wearing blue armbands, they are wearing yellow as well and who knows what other colors they are wearing. So be weary of who you approach because they might not be who you think they are!"

*Eddie looks into his jacket pocket and grabs a packet containing pain pills, he pops the foil and places three into his hand and pops them into his mouth, as he begins to chew the pills he washes them down with a bottle of water her recently found. He slumps against the wall of the decaying shack, the radio falls to his lap as he slowly drifts away.*

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*Louie picks up the radio and speaks*

"Oh shit Its Eddie Sorella the indestructible man"

"Okay pal listen up"

"You lost your wife tough shit"

"Try something else than using the radio"

*Louie releases the PTT*

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*Eddie hears Louie's voice on the radio, he picks up the radio and pushes the PTT button and begins to speak....*

"Hey Louie let me say something before these pain pills kick in fully and I'm out like a light...."

"Ask your brothers in blue, I don't sit around behind a radio talking shit, as they can tell you I unleashed hell in Novy with that Horde of Infected. To bad yourself and Boris was not present!"

*Eddie releases the Ptt button and throws it onto the floor and he resumes to nod off*

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*Takes the radio*

"huh? your so called horde did not kill eny of our brothers only civilians monster"

"a Child died by your horde animal"

"you always talk shit on the radio. Guess we gonna need to put some more bullets inside you"


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[Aaron holds down the PTT]

"Oh yeeeah, that horde of zombies, the one that almost killed a little girl? wow, you're really hard."

[Aaron releases the PTT]

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*Scoffs as he hears Eddie's pointless attempt at calling more sheep to arms, he depresses the PTT*

"Ah, so that was you, the moron who brought in the huge horde, to be honest with you, we made quick work of them, and also I guess we made quick work of you too. So why don't you just stop the pointless winging and whining and cut the shit? I mean all I hear you do is bicker. You go on the radio, tell people to fight against us, blah blah blah, just shut your trap old man, lay down and just die, or disappear, do everyone a favour, please. Like honestly, you're nothing but an annoyance, an obstruction, a problem. All you've done so far is get your own wife killed, the poor little girl didn't even know what was going on, she said herself she hadn't seen you in weeks, yet she still fought on your side, yet she still stuck up for you, what have you done for her? Made bad decisions? Got her killed? Got yourself and other people hurt and shot? You really must be def and dumb at this point if you don't see what's happening. No wonder you came alone yesterday, everybody must be getting fed up with your shit, is that why you're trying to call more sheep to arms? Get more people killed? Good job, wow, you really are the cherry on top mate, well done, I'd applause you but it's quite hard with one hand. Look, all I'll say is this, S-T-O-P."

*He releases the PTT.*

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*A thick russian accent comes on the radio*

"You're trying to tell us that a horde of infected rushing a town, likely hitting more than a child, poor thing... hasn't infected anyone? Sounds like bullshit to me. You realize dragging those bodies without the right protection will make you sick, da?" 

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Blue would sitting read her book, Skulduggery Pleasant, in her bedroom as Hondo comes into the room. There was a lot of chatter coming from the black box until she hears a Russian voice saying there was lies of the scary people attacking them. Hondo would assure what the conversation was about and her brow turns into a slumped frown. He holds down the PTT as a little girl's voice comes over, obviously annoyed from what she was told and heard.

"It isn't a lie!
A truck drove past and all these scary people came in trying to hurt everyone!
This is why you have no friends Mister!
Because you get a lot of people hurt because of it!
You wouldn't like it if that happened to you!
I had to make sure my friends and dad was OK after that!"

She huffs, before the transmission cuts and she turns her head to Hondo as he rubs his hand through her hair. As he leaves. she takes a moment to calm herself before returning back to her book.

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Aleksei was adjusting the bandages on his right hand from the flashbang incident a few days past.

"Real shame that I use to have a /shed/ of respect of you for being smart enough to surrender when we tell you to. But after this whole truck incident.. and putting a 12 year old girls life at risk? Go fuck yourself. Better hope I don't see you again. Because it will be on the end of my barrel, pig."

He spat out before going back to fixing his bandages.

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*Sergei reminiscing about the horde Eddie drove into town presses down the ptt and in a semi frustrated tone responds*

Eddie pick on someone your own size you spineless fuck your damn antics with the horde almost killed a fucking child if you have a problem with the boys in blue so be in but don't bring your shit on innocent civilians or kids, God I hope somebody puts you six feet under just like your bitch of a wife.

*Sergei release the ptt a dog bark can be heard in the background before the radio falls silent*

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*Jhon presses the PPT button after hearing Eddie speak*
I don't know what you're trying to do pal this whole rally shit is getting really old, we don't kill those that aren't you or those who back you up plain and simple.
We have had multiple people come into town who haven't gotten a scratch when leaving so please stop trying to fool everyone around you with your faulty words.
*Radio goes silent as he drags the dead infected from the church*

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- Klein listens to the radio, thinks for a second what to respond, kneels down and pushes the radio button -

" Eddie, I am with you...

This is ex United Nations and Estonian Defence Force Sergeant Kristen Klein from the 1st response unit and I must say, I tried to keep away from this fight, I am not a Coalition member, yet everything that has happened as of recent... is just too stupid or ignorant to ignore. "

 " I will never forgive these so called anarchists for what they have done to Eddie and Alexa. I mean for fuck sake, they even attended their wedding... "

" I mean, I have heard you guys on the radio before and I tried to ignore most of it, to be a better man... but I guess I have my limits... I wanted you guys to finally realise, that people who listen to you are not all fooled, even if you think they are... we resist. "

- Klein tries to hold himself back... -

" I have not clearly understood what you guys stand for... but from what it seems like, you guys enjoy chaos, killing, destruction, manipulation, torture... you are nothing more than... I dont even know what... is just... "

" You keep saying that Eddie lies and you are trying to play all innocent on the radio, like there is nothing you guys have done to brought this all on yourselves and to people who sadly come and visit your town for whatever reason. In my books, all the people who reside in that town are considered your allies or hostages. Hostages to your manipulation and lies... "

- He tries to calm down a bit -

" Now, I do not come here and say that my intent is to destroy you or even kill you, it is not in my nature... but I will fight to defend peoples freedom, which is something you lot should stand for... yet all I see or hear from you is opposite. You limit peoples freedom by taking their guns and forcing them to do your bidding and if they resist, you slaugther them like animals, just like some terrorist organisation. This to me seems like something a true anarchist would not do... yet here you are..."

"  You say you want peace and freedom, yet you offer death and oppression. "

" Sad truth is, you guys started this whole thing with your actions and words and noone else and as long as you do not see that... rest of us have to find ways to hide or fight back... I really do hope that some of you will realise that. The ones that call themselves friends to so called anarchists or members of it...

I hope I do not have to meet you on the battlefield, but you force me and oh so many others out there... "

- He sighs deep -

" I wish you anarchists would just stop... stop whatever you are doing... this road does not lead to anarchism, if that is what you are truly trying to achive... this will lead us all to more contempt and end of everything... "

- He realeases the button, sighs again, stands up and keeps on walking -

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Aleksei was on his daily patrol, SVD slung to his back as he walked from Altar to Stary then back to town.

"You're right. We don't enforce anarchy- we strive off of it. And had it not been for you fucking UN, CDF, and Coalition fucks trying to poke your nose into the region, then this whole weapon's ban wouldn't of even happened.

Now why not go back to Estonia and do just that- get your fucking nose out of it."

He clicked the radio, unslinging his SVD as he saw a few people in Stary.

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*Everest leans back in the old cabin's chair and intently listens to the conversations occurring after hearing the ol' barman's broadcast. After a while of listening to the babbling he decides to throw in his two-cents into the pot. So, he clicks on his microphone and begins to speak.*

"Honestly, just look at yourselves. Whether you're Anarchy, Coalition, or anyone caught in between. Just fucking take a minute and look in the goddamn mirror. Now what the fuck do you see? Cause what I see is a bunch of pricks trying to out dick the other for no other reason than because they can. Like this whole... "War"- is just worthless killing and fighting. I mean Jesus-H-Fucking-Christ pick up a history book people and see where worthless fighting gets us! Vietnam! Korea! Most of WWI! What did any of those wars solve?!

What did they -really- achieve?...



That's right. Absolutely fucking nothing.

So go ahead. Kill each other. See where that gets you people."

*Everest takes a breath after his rant and swigs some water. After a few moments he briefly turns back to his microphone to finish his thought.*

"Now before I leave you back to your clusterfuck of guts, gore, and guns- I just have to remind you of this little quote:


'I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones...'


Albert fucking Einstein ladies and gents. Now let those words sink in before you run off to your next little firefight.


*He lets out a deep sigh.*

God save us all."

*Everest clicks off his radio and mic before packing up and leaving the old cabin behind him.*

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Aleksei scoffed once more. Pushing down the PTT.

"War is worth nothing? Maybe for stupid ass, imperal American! You and your country have only had one just war- the revolution. But I can bet you /didn't/ life through your revolution? Ever lived through a war zone? Ever fought for anything you actually felt close to? Or is it just for oil?

Saying war is useless is just hilarious coming from the most warmongering on this frequency. Don't be a hypocrite- if you want to stay away from the war, stay away. If not- pick a side.

He would let go of the PTT once more.

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*sighs listening to the radio, flipping through notes in her Nook. Searching she finally found what she wanted and read for a few minutes. Picking up the PTT she responded:

"Today I learned that... actually, the US has been in 10 major wars and about 120 smaller ones on its own soil. 

I assume you live by this quote..

"War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength."

I prefer this one.

"I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality... I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word." 

Not that anyone cares what I think."

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*Hearing her say that he presses his PTT*

*I agree with you whole heartedly, we shouldn't be killing one another over stupid shit, we should instead try to build something  back up and make it better then what it once was before hand*

*Transmission ends*

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- Klein listens in frustraition, waiting for the other person to finish... -

" I agree we should not kill eachother period. But I do not understand what is stupid shit for you..."

" Is your free will stupid? Is your right to defend yourself stupid? "

" Could you make yourself a bit more clear? Cos if these are stupid things to you, then you have accepted oppression and slavery in your heart and I cannot convince you otherwise..."

" I feel for the people who have already given up... hope I am in wrong here..."

- He sits down on the rock and awaits for response -


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