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Have You Seen These Items??

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- The man grabs his radio as he stands from his chair -

*He sounds almost out of breath. Slight anger and worry can be heard in his voice*

Hello there, my name is David Pond. I have a serious situation to discuss with anyone hearing this. The past few days, I have had a friend of mine going by the name of 'Mr. Pond' asking for a meeting about a 'Business Opportunity'. The truth is...I'm Mr. Pond and my friend is now dead. His body was left in the large red structure on the Eastern side of Stary Sabor. He was suppose to be there to meet up with potential business partners. From my understanding, the clumsy fool fell from a considerable height. I can determine this from his last transmission on our frequency."

- David clears his throat -

"But here is the issue. My friend was carrying two items that are extremely important to me before his body was picked clean from scavengers. These items are a book with the title "A Traveler in Time" but it has since been engraved on the cover with the name V. Pond. The other item is a yellow container. This container has several packets labeled "Powdered Milk" and some pill bottles. If you have seen these items, please contact me as soon as possible. I will be around Novy Sabor and will be sitting next to my radio at all times!

- He puts down the radio and continues to ask around the camp if anything has been seen -

*Transmission Ends*

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