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Short Stories of Tyler Levings

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Made this thread with some stories of my character Tyler Levings, they will just be short little stories/situations of what has happened to Tyler out of RP and stuff I can't fully RP in game. The stories will be to our lore and would of happened though. Hope you enjoy the read and I will make new ones when i'm feeling it!



"To move straight is to move forward, to move backwards is to move forward. To stop is to die."


Tyler came into the world with good hands and warm hearts, as he sat close to his mother's chest she knew she had brought the most beautiful thing into her as life as she could of imagined. Her loving husband next to her as he watched quietly looking at the creation of life he whispered to her "Amelia life can only come once."

Years went on and Tyler began his schooling life in a small welsh town just east of the city, he made friends and his social life began. Throughout his time at school nothing ever really happened other than the grey walls ever coming in to consume another generations time and energy. He loved art and excelled at giving creative thoughts across from a young age, general issues were taken seriously and overall kept in line and was happy not to stand out but keep in good enough light to have friends. His best friend Nick kept up with Tyler afterschool and was his closest friend, they could share laughs talk about girls and just be normal kids.

He came home from school on a friday and placed down his school bag and took off his shoes in the hallway, he entered the living room and Amelia was sitting there looking over the coffee table with glassy eyes, Tyler was confused but unassuming. He grabbed his mum and held her close as she teared up she whispered "We are going to have to leave this place it is not our home anymore." Tyler got defensive and started asking why and what would happen to all his friends. Amelia never answered.

"We are going to a place far away, your father is not coming he has gone away for a long time as well and he won't be coming back. We will be going to live with your grandmother for a couple of years so we can get back on our toes and support ourselves as a team. He looked around the room at his ever dying blossom and life, all he knew was about to disappear and courage would have to be put into place. He doesn't know the other kids at the schools..

They landed at a small airstrip and travelled on the bus for an hour to a place named "Kamenka", his grandmother who he had only met once when he was really little was something to desire. She seemed to support his mother and him though so everything was maybe okay. Tyler hoped he wouldn't have to go to a new school and he was homeschooled throughout the next 4 years. He never once let that stop him excelling in the subjects he liked such as writing and reading. The country was worn down from the surface but a warm community inside the town he lived kept things unique and human. 

He was working on his maths equations when loud sirens were going off outside. He looked outside the windows at the police officers stepping out the cars and knocking on each door, a couple hours later military trucks showed up telling people to head north and grab only essential belongings and food. Helicopters flew over heading towards Chernogorsk and the other cities and they did not stop, distant gunfire littered the ambient air as distant screams were silenced from truck engines and blazing lights. The convoy stopped over at a larger town named "Zelenogorsk" Tyler peaked under the truck cover to see what was going on. He saw panic and upset children crying in the streets.

The convoy picked up again heading north towards a small town named Vybor, they passed checkpoint after checkpoint with armed guards at each. Some streets were littered with bodies of people just everywhere. Tyler feared another war of what he grandmother and told him about and he was about to be caught in the middle, the truck stopped and they were ordered to get out of the truck and they took shelter in a small cabin with his mother and grandmother and a couple other lost townsfolk they recognised.

A soldier wandered into the house and fired to shots behind him at the door and bodies dropped in the doorway, he was then grabbed and mauled to the floor before the crowd looked up at him and the people in the cabin. The door was shut and barricaded as the people kept banging against the door, the rusty hinges gave in as they tried to hold it up but they wouldn't stop coming the people rushed in and mauled his grandmother. The people fought back and with each other, Tyler crouched in the corner as he watched it happen his mother picked him up and squeezed him through the window and held his cheeks and whispered with teary eyes "The world will be different, find a safe life and take this", she handed him a bag and pushed him forwards. "Run.. please..." she closed the curtains as Tyler's eyes ran. He turned and ran into the open field where now only what had really started would begin.


So show me family... all the blood I would need, I don't know where I belong.



"Those we hold most dear last the longest"


*The breaking of twigs deafens the midnight ambient air as the pounding of soft dirt continues, he looks behind himself then to his right. He sees Abbie running past him, her bag bounced as the clattering cooking utensils fight. The shrubbery brushed past as the whipping of the branches echoed throughout the forest. She’s looks behind them and soldered her hands on her knees. Moisture left her mouth like a car engine, she looked over to Tyler who was placed behind a tree. Her skinny hands pushed the slim glasses back to her eyes. Tyler kept quiet as while she looked through her bags when a loud thud came from the tree, Abbie looked over to see Tyler's elevated against it with the evil who had caught up. His dirty hands covered his mouth as Tylers glassy eyes attempted to clean them*


“Tyler” She whispered as she eye'd the man.

“Ah ah ah, don't move a muscle or he gets it” He says gently.

She took a deep breath out as a crunch behind her alerts her, she turns straight into a bead and a sadistic smile. The bearded man grabs her and bears hugs her, she kicks out her legs screaming attempting to loosen herself.

“Now what did I say about moving a muscle hmm..?” He said against a little bit more serious this time.

“Please just let him go, please...” she mumbled as her defeated expression showed.

The man let go of Tyler letting him slide down the tree, he grabbed his backpack and took it off him before pouring all the contents on the ground. He kicked them about before looking back at Tyler with a blank stare. He turned to Abbie.

“Now before we learn what we did we need to learn some perspective. You are some 21 year old student trying to protect an 11 year old boy and you think you can run from us..?” he exclaimed before turning his back on her again pacing back and forth.

Her face turned pink as she looked at Tylers broken face before turning back to the man.

“Listen Mark, before you do anything stupid we had to get away from you… you’ve changed… I saw what this place did to you and quite frankly me and him are not safe anymore”

Mark turned sharply toward her coming close to her face to where their lips were nearly touching

Let's keep to the topic on hand here, you two took some of MY stuff. Fighters get more food that's it. Me and Graggs need to eat to keep our strength up to PROTECT you but we see how we are repaired for our services.”

Tyler looked tried to gather his things into his bag as he watched Abbie get harassed by these people, Mark grabbed Tyler by the back of his cuff dragging him over and dropping him in front of Abbie.

“Do we really need to take this from you..?”

Abbie looked at Tyler, she pushed her glasses in against Marks shoulder before flinging her head back hitting Graggs in the nose, he let go of her then she attacked Mark. They tussled on the floor before mark grabbed her by the throat. Tyler pushed himself back onto the tree stump before covering his eyes.

“Stupid bitch” Mark shouted as he pinned her to the ground by her slender throat.

Graggs grabbed his nose and looked at his blood covered hands, he waddled over to Abbie and grabbed her by her hair before picking her up and placing her onto her knees. A gun cocked and was placed at the back of Abbies head. Markus looked at Abbie then at Tyler.

“This is why you don't steal.”

A gunshot rang through the night sky as a flash of light spurted into Tylers eyes, he felt his face spurted with blood as the noise disorientated him.

“And that is why you dont trust anyone, don't let me ever see you again kid or it will be the end of everything you know, you hear me...?”

Tyler struggled to breath through the lump in his throat, he looked at her lifeless corpse with the life spilling out of her onto the soft floor.

“Grab her bag, lets get out of this place before more of those things show up”

They disappeared into the dark shadows as distance thunder echoed as slight rain dripped through the leaves.

He screamed her name through the darkened forests as he lay on her stomach with only tears for himself to indulge in as the midnight rain ran through the leaves. The noise deafening as it hit their corpses. His raincoat was damp leaving him melted into her. Only then he knew he was alone. 






"People are not the same, only the evil are the same"


The white snow blanketed the hidden floor, untouched white lay in wait of being disturbed. A small hum of a frequency whispered through the forest, following a small puff of water vapour trailing through the undisturbed snow leaving a trail in its wake. Tyler shivered as his gloves were frozen in place as his arms swayed from side to side, he looked around seeing only the same thing until a black smoke ascended above the trees. Heightened he thought of his options, his bag straps and made his way down the the forest line. A clearing opened with a small hut with a large fence around it, something emerged from the doorway holding a small basket. They collected some snow and headed back into the cabin. Tyler rubbed his gloves together after standing still for to long.

He moved around to the back of the cabin where 2 closed windows were waiting with orange drapes, he was too far to see inside from the fence but the opening was right in open view of the front door. Being seen wasn't an option as most people will kill for anything, he moved back to the blanketed forrest line but as he turned the ground spit up around him. A loud ominous echo came from the furthest hill line as the birds flew panicked into the sky. A loud voice could be heard as if from a megaphone


Tyler froze as adrenaline ran through his body, he undid his bag straps as quickly as he could and dropped his small knife into the snow. He looked around and back at the cabin at which now had open windows and drapes with a gun pointing through it and a couple people watching in cover. The megaphone could be heard again,


Tyler followed the orders slowly, the thoughts of this moment maybe being his last frightened him as he wasn't a fighter and they had more people, he thought to himself "Oh why did I come to the house.." 

Two figures moved toward the fence, one with a large shotgun in his hand and another with a medical kit. They stared at Tyler for a second before looking at each other, the medical ladys voice was soft and methodical as she spoke, the man responded with a much more rugged voice.

"Ahoj, jsi tam sám malý kamarád?" he spoke.

"Oh, zastav se, podívej jak vyděšený vypadá. Neměli bychom na ně střílet poprvé, když vidíme lidi Viktora." she responded to him hitting him on the arm.

The radio in his bag continued to hum as the man took his out and spoke into it.

"Jsme v pohodě, dobře se učíme, že se učíte dobře."

A response ran through before he tucked it away.

Tyler looked blankly at them both as they looked at him through the fence, the lady looked at Tyler before asking in english;

"Are you okay?" her faced concerned looking at his pale rosy cheeks.

Tyler nodded as he was relieved that they were not as bad as he thought they were going to be. She frowned before saying;

"Come come, let's get you inside and out of the cold"

Tyler followed them around the gate and entered through the padlocked door, he watched cautiously as she took his hand and led him inside. He entered through the small entrance and looked around, embroidery on the walls and an ugly urine coloured wallpaper. A small fireplace was lit with a cooking pot on top with some melting snow inside it.

"You english speaking folk stand out from a mile away y'know" she said in a slavic accent, she led him into a room where an elderly lady was sitting in a recliner chat. She sat him down across the way in a small cushioned chair. The elderly looked at him and shook her head with a disappointed expression on her face.

"Wait here for a couple minutes, i'll be right back."

He sat on the edge of his seat as he looked around the room once again, an array of books littered the walls and floors. He stared at the mug of liquid that the elderly lady had before looking at her before looking away. An awkward few minutes passed by before the lady walked in carrying a tray of dried fruits in a bowl and a mug with a hot drink. She layed it next to Tyler and looked him sitting across from him.

"How did you end up here then?"

Tyler eyed the man with the shotgun picking up his things from outside and then looked back at her and speaking quietly;

"I was with some people but not anymore... I just came to see if you guys were dangerous or not. I swear I wasn't going to do anything."

The elderly lady looked at the younger lady and saying

"Zeptejte se ho, odkud je a jíst."

The younger lady spoke and asked Tyler

"So what is your name and where do you come from..? Also my mother asks you to eat up, you need your strength" as she gestured her head towards the elderly lady. She smiled at Tyler warmly.

"Oh ugh... My names Tyler but most people called me Tye also im from Britain and may I ask who you are and why you are doing all of this?"

He looked at the food and took it into his lap before taking slow nibbles of it.

"Well Tyler, you can call me Yasmin. It's a pleasure to meet you." she smiled before getting up and heading towards the door, her head turned as she spoke;

"Make sure to make yourself at home, for now you can stay with us until we find somewhere to put you"

Tyler thought to himself again of why he was there and then he remembered.

He was alone.


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Poor kiddo <3 Use that little brain kiddo!

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You kidding me!? I only met you for like 2 hours!!! Its a nice read though :) 

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RIP Tyler :(

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I'm still going to keep writing about some experiences until I run out of ideas purely for the creativity and story telling! 

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