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Why? Where?

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*Charlie tries to at least calm the waiver in his voice, pushing back his emotion, he presses the PTT*

*he stutters trying to find his words that don't form*

It's come to my attention that someone shot at my friends. And one of which who I consider my sister. 

She's fuckin' 16 years old. She just got here 2 days ago. We didn't do anything to you, ya know? She didn't do anything to you. 

*he presses down the PTT once more*

She didn't deserve that. She was beat to all holy hell. She's just a kid. You damn near kill and innocent kid.

I realize this isn't the old world anymore, shit happens. I get into that state of old world at times. But if you hear this. Just get into contact with me. Any of you guys. Kirb, Matty, Fuji. Just get a hold of me. Old radio is fucked. Sorry, I'm rambling.

When we meet up we'll teach Fuji some things. She needs to know at this point. Especially after today.

*walks around the room*


*Charlie hurls the radio across the room at the wall, shattering it into a hundred pieces*

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"Calm down there, radio warrior. Talking shit into the airwaves doesn't solve this. I don't mean to sound callous - I am sorry, tovarisch, truly sorry of your loss - but if you want it to stop, then do something about it, instead of mourning for all to hear."

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*A Brooklyn voice sounds through*

"Alright Ruski, give the guy a fuckin' break. He don't need shit from you unless you're gunna help him. Beatin' little girls ain't a fuckin' joke."

*He takes a deep breath*

"Alright, I mean... I could take a goood fuckin' guess to which assholes did this shit- but I ain't one to throw things on over people's doorsteps without knowing."

*The PTT is released*

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