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Jono the giant

Johnny polanski:A hand grenade and red stained blade

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*johnny who has finally cracked, reaches into his bag and pulls out a sheet of paper. Examining his former selves entries he laughs as he writes...*

the walking nightmare.


"Oh what miserable entries, im very disapointed in you johnny only writing about when i made your mother cry *johnny laughs softly*  this will be for whoever finds these sheets at somepoint. 

I am a side of this poor man who planted the seed of my very creation when he was just 19, partying every..single.. Fucking... weekend on drugs, to his knowledge he was having fun but little did he know drugs have effects on you kids! Some problems take years some months to arise from being loaded with drugs all the time! Theres always been thoughts in his mind about how he would never want to hurt anyone but was too scared... To soft.. To think about what he could do to anyone. wouldent hurt a fly even if it tried sucking the food off his plate...

saying that! Its me now! Fruity johnny! The part of him what the weak minded fool needed to drug himself up all the time just to stop me having fun!

I dont know what it is about seeing tears run down peoples faces and wiping them off only to taste the very essence of fear running down ones face in the presence of impending doom! Its sweet! like nectar just the other day some people stole off the wrong guuy!  Oh boy did i have fun! The slowest of these thieves got dragged back to mine to have abit of fun in the playroom! 

how sick can a human be.

1-porostok-bandit.thumb.jpg.22aadf2b19887b5208ccc668f3e85255.jpghaving dragged him back by his ankles across the field and into my house they were already crying like a 5 year old this lad was older than me i would say about 25, 26 maybe? In the house i used my duct tape and tied him and told him to get on the chair, you should have heard him! "please, please, please mate let me go why have you tied me like this what are you going to do to me" you could barely make it out because of the all the sobbing! I told him hes going to give me a very good reason why he thought it was acceptable to come into my home and take my stuff what i had to search for ages for! And where his little scumbag friends go to hide to get a good look at their lootings. Knowing the crying and acting scared method was not going to work the lad seemed more lively and started telling me to fuck off and say things about my.. Well johnny's poor mother who is dead! Cant let that happen, he can still hear after all we are one of the same mind! 

"hardass ey? Lets see how fucking hard you are when im finished wiping the floor with you, you failed catch!" The lad still mouthing off got a greeting from a frying pan right to the front of his ugly mug. "That should sort out that horific face of yours boy!" The then spat on me.. Not a big deal.. Another one.. The lad was getting the message but was  still trying to play hero. I told him you have 5.. Then i was interupted "5 seconds or what going to beat me from a inch of my life?" I said to him "no lad 5 seconds to tell me where your so called mates have gone with my stuff or i will pull out a kitchen knife and we will play a game and it wont end well if your not good with pain!"

I laughed so loud with my eyes fixed on his so focused he knew i could tell he knew he has properly fucked himself up, whilst he was staring blankly back at me i shout "ok! Times up! You really should have gave me a awnser!"  You should of heard him! He was screaming for real! The pure terror on his face! Made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! I laughed even louder and the lads balls had gone in his nostrils!.

i pulled something you dont find every day out of my bag... Its small... Its green.. It makes a loud bang! Tadaa! I shouted a hand grenadddee!, i walk over to him... Is he dead? Did he just die on the spot from pure terror? Couldent be he was still breathing. I unpin the grenade holding the spoon tightly tell the lad to open his mouth and said" you know how these work right?" He nodded his head, i then said "so you know nothing will happen with this in your mouth unless that spoon dont set the fuze by comming off" the lad with his life in his mouth shaking with pure terror in his eyes mumbled and nodded his head slowly...

"right time for the game i was talking about son!

Terror in its purest form.


I reached into the kitchen draw and got out a long carving knife... "This is the way this will work... I want you to listen very carefully." I said to the lad  "lad i will give you 5 seconds to tell me where your so called mates have gone with my shit or my friend here will go into your leg and twist so you scream in pain, if your smart your bite onto the grenade so it doesent fall out of your mouth and give me 6 seconds to run out the door but if your even smarter your nod your head yes and let me take it out and pin it back up and you can tell me where they went." I asked the question..  5 seconds passed, in it went and boy did he bite onto that thing for dear life! I asked again and was just met with crying. Again in it went! Same spot... Even louder screaming.. Third time we actually got somewhere and before i asked all i could hear and see was moaning and a head moving so fast up and dow,  i smiled and said "there we go!" I took the grenade out and pinned it back up, he told me where they went.

i had one last thing to do... I put the grenade infront of his face and pulled the pin and said "whoops" sarcastically you should of heard him! Hahahahahaha!!!  "you crazy fucking psycho! What the fuck have you done!" I ran out the room counting at the top of my lungs counting down from 6..5..4..3..2..1! The lad screamed at the top of his voice and then!! *clink* the pin had touched the mechanism but dident go off.. Had you going there dident i! Im crazy but not crazy enough to do that with a live grenade come on now! 

i go back inside and this boy had feinted from pure shock, i patch him up untie him and set him on the couch, morning came round i fed and watered the boy with him not even wanting to get up. I said to him "learnt your lesson yet?" His eyes were blank, souless infact staring into pure nothingness, "ill let you go now, just keep in mind to never steal again and tell your scumbag friends what happened to you too. There are alot of people like me out there these days you probably will end up dead for real" he got up, he couldent speak i broke him so badly he doesent even know how to talk he wandered off down the road a broken man.

*johnny places the paper into his desks draw, sits down on the couch and falls asleep*




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Very interesting indeed a fruit basket. :D

I enjoyed it, hope to see more! I'm glad you still kept at it with the colours and pictures!

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