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Kidkhmer - Blacklist Appeal

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  Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 


Why the verdict is not fair: This verdict is not fair because I wrote my backstory and I am going to be the brother of @Zac in-game.  So somethings will be the same with the backstory since we came from the same family.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: If I should speak with an Administrator or someone who could tell me what parts they believe are copied and pasted. Me and @Zac are creating characters that are brothers. We are both friends IRL and wanted characters that are related. If parts of mine should be changed. If you could point them out and I will reevaluate them. Some parts will be the same because we are there for the same reason and we had some of the same things in life.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: My blacklist removed and my whitelist application reviewed.

What could you have done better?: Communicate with @Zac better when we were writing our background stories

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Hello Kidhmer,

We have looked at your appeal, and your whitelist and have come to the following:

Upon looking at both you and Zac's backstories, they are very similar we get a notification when someones stories match word for word on certain sections. Because of this you were blacklisted. We do not allow others to help with backstories, as in making templates and letting their friends fill them out and change it to their liking. This is exactly what happened with you and Zac's backstory. Seeing as he did make his story first, he is the one who owns that story and gets to use it.

You can be his brother, an create a story to coincide with his. What we do not want to see is you simple using his story as a template and inserting things into it to make it different. It has to be written by you completely. We will unblacklist you, but you will have to re-whitelist and try again with a backstory that you write yourself. 

Appeal Accepted - Blacklist lifted

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