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Unrelated meme appeal

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): I cannot get a screenshot rn

Why the verdict is not fair: I believe the bad meme I made followed the thread rules and was at least somewhat on topic. I realize the post came off as cocky and sarcastic but I did not make it for that purpose. I saw the OP of the thread and realized there was a specific meme generator that was supposed to be being used. So, I went off to make a meme. Now I'm not sure if it was understood but I was trying to combine this meme generator, with another shitty meme about said meme generators. Example in the spoilers below. (forgive me as I'm about to turn into Behind The Meme) This meme could be considered part of the "ghetto memes" meme, in which an image is horribly distorted and doesn't really make sense, which is what makes it funny. (at least to me and some others) Originally, this meme started as just the oldschool meme generator memes with something like "TOP TEXT, LOL"
Or something stupid like that. Now with this bottom text meme in mind I decided to keep it on topic I would put DayZRP at the top text.


Image result for bottom text meme

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:  I am sorry the post came off as cocky and possibly insulting to the admins who were telling everyone to keep it on topic. 

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I hope to get the points reduced or removed.

What could you have done better?: I could have made a less obscure meme and proofread my own post before posting it without thinking much of it. I could have kept the meme a little more on topic, as at first glance it seems like I was creating a sarcastic meme to insult the warnings given in the thread.

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You were warned by two admins in the thread about shit memes, attitude and toxicity in there and yet you continued after the thread was re-opened. I don't see anything for us to do here, next time follow staff warnings? The warning is a R4 decision by multiple admins and it will stay that way. Next one for stuff like this will be the final one.

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