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no active character

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I'm trying to log in the game on the server and i keep getting this is not an active character 

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Hey, idk if im even allowed to reply here but its late for staff and i assume u want a quick answer.


Make sure that you set your characters name as "Tobias Evers" in the circled area:



also be sure to post questions in the question thread found @https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/forum/27-questions/

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Hello Glenny84!

The Report Section is used to report in game rule breaks and not for the purpose of troubleshooting Game Issues. 

I'll move this thread to Troubleshooting so you can get more assistance! Remember we have a Questions section under Support for issues to be addressed exactly like this!

/Moved to Troubleshooting.

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@Glenny84 were you able to log in with @Stannis's advice?

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Hello @Glenny84

I believe @Stannis had provided you with a useful screenshot, along with a great explanation of what to do!

I would also like to add some more suggestions!

Did you go to Characters Manage to set your character as active?

56.png.b7ea321ab13485edc7ef7fe64f1d3767.png.cbf96985c709fac2dc0fab0df64eef9a.png - Make sure you click on the icon that is circled right here!

Clicking on the red flag will set your character as active, making it your active character. After doing this you can then follow what @Stannis had suggested, I hope the answers that were provided here were sufficient.

I would also like to mention as stated above, If you have any questions please make sure to check out our Question Thread. You can ask questions or check to see if there are already answers to your questions, same applies to the Troubleshooting Thead.

If you have any more problems please don't hesitate to PM myself or another member of staff.

Edited by Lady In Blue

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