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Administrator contact details changed

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Some sensitive support requests like permanent ban appeals, blacklists, age verification, payment issues, problems with registration, etc have been up until now solved through email, we directed users to send an email to [email protected] which created a ticket in our support system. Due to multiple issues with that email where many requests ended up in spam folder or were not delivered at all, I have changed the support system configuration.




We will still handle them for a little while during transition period, but all new support requests for admins should use the website forms instead.

You can create a new support ticket for the admin team in two ways:

  1. If you are a registered user and are logged in, in the main menu click Support -> Support requests and create a new request there.
  2. If you are NOT a registered member or cannot log in (guest, problems with registration, banned, everything else), you can click on the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of our website. This link is present on every page on our website.

The difference between the two is that #1 will give you ability to add a title and select category for your request so we can immediately see what it is about which can speed up ticket handling time. You also get a fully fledged editor where you can upload attachments.
Method #2 is a simple text form where you cannot add title, category or upload attachments (can still link to things from external sources though). Registered members can of course use both methods, it's just that #1 option gives you "more" and can in some cases speed things up significantly.

Also please remember that this support system is for things that regular staff members cannot do or answer and should normally only be used AFTER contacting one of the support staff members and being told to create a support ticket. Do not create tickets asking what the passphrase is, how does one whitelist or what is the password to the server is. These types of questions should be directed to our SUPPORT TEAM members, see a list of them here.

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