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Guest ThyLastPenguin

Feedback Wanted

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Guest ThyLastPenguin

Okay, so I'm the perfect example of what you'd call a noob to this place, so if this isn't where I should put this then go ahead and sentence me to death. Or could someone move it - either way works.

So, I'm looking for feedback on my character back story - here goes nothin'.

The story of Dave Johnson is not a nice thing to read. Dave Johnson lost his home and parents at the age of 5. He could hardly remember his mum or dad once he was forced by the authorities to live with his hateful uncle.

His uncle was a full-time business man, not caring at all for his new part time job as a carer. Dave was left to himself for most of the day, spending his days exploring the house, then the street. Eventually, by the age of ten, Dave was discovering life on the streets of his city. Gangs seemed to enjoy his company, letting the little boy scurry around after them during the night - finding his company both amusing and interesting. Dave wasn't stupid though. He watched how the gangs worked, always payed attention to what was happening and where.

By the age of 16 Dave could be seen nightly, running from police, club-owners or even rival gangs. He was in charge his own part of the city - nothing happened without Dave's knowledge, from killings (many of which were his own) to drug deals: he knew his city. His notoriety increased daily, his uncle was brought in for questioning - but of course the careless carer often hadn't seen the boy he was supposed to be raising for weeks on end and was of no use to the police.

Eventually Dave's luck, talent, skill, whatever it was ran out. He was chased out of town after he fired 3 shots into an apparent drug-addict when he saw the flash of a microphone strapped to his stomach. The police closed in on Dave and Dave did the thing he had been doing since he was 10 - he ran. He jumped the nearest wall and from there he just ran. With no directions Dave just went away from anything he didn't trust, until he found an airport. Seeing an opportunity he snook in and - with no thought of what to do or of what was to come - smuggled himself onto the first plane he could.

Too tired to do anything but, he slept from the second the plane took off to the second the plane landed. The pilot spoke out to the few people on the plane.

"We are now arriving in Chern-" he began to say, the rest was cut short as a horrifying, barely human thing ripped a chunk out of the his neck.

Dave did what he did best. Dave ran. Dave ran into the gunfire, the explosions, the raging fires. Dave ran into the wilderness. Dave ran.

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