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DayZ chat/voice range (and volume)

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Long story short since I am on mobile right now, which I hate in terms of posting. A quick search on the net and on this forum (primarily question section, first 7 pages) did not give me solid results but for range.


My questions (and of course your topics for discussion) are:

1) What is the max range of verbal chat and what is the max range of text chat? Sources indicate 50 to 70 meters, but what do you think or have experienced? 

2) Does yelling or whispering affect the range or volume at what distance you can pick up words? In other words, is yelling or whispering even useful to audibly reach people further away or to keep quiet when others are close? 


I mostly ask as this can be very RP relevant, as you can imagine, and knowing the possibilities or limits can help prevent (or create) according situations. One thing for certain: the audio quality could be better :P


So what are your experiences and do you have good sources on the voice mechanics? Of course you can also just slap sources and links in here. 


Thanks in advance. 

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I don't trust DayZ mechanics enough to settle on a definite answer, but from what I remember watching a few YT videos ages ago it was around 60 meters or so in range yeah. I think that regardless of whether you whisper or shout, considering that you are in hearing range, the voice can be heard regardless, but of course whispering will be harder to hear as the ear will naturally find it difficult to pick up on soft sounds, that, and the fact that the game SFX may drown it out.

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Well I'd say since the devs arent completely brain dead, there is a maximum value, but it's kind of hard to measure. I doubt that the range fluctuates depending on volume since you can hear whispers through walls and such. Like @Harvey said, probaly somewere like 60 meters. idk for certain

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Rule of thumb- if they are more than 20 meters away, be careful trying to communicate. You would have to yell, and they may take it as an initation, or you may initiate, and they may not hear it for whatever reason. I always try to make my communication concise with people. And if I need to whisper to someone, I either emote *whispers* and steam chat them, or take them very far away and talk in an open field or something. You whispering can be heard in a 30 meter radius rather clearly, and still be heard upwards of 60 depending on the audiable of the area.


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if i initiate, im in their face. don't do long-distance initiations ever, rule of thumb

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Yeah I get where you are coming from. If you're in VOIP range and don't want others to hear I normally go *He Whispers* but sometimes people don't read that and carry on but cant help that really.

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TL;DR of this post: A report mentions this thread, I take it as good excuse to bring up this topic again and throw in the listed numbers for voice ranges (7 meters, 25 meters, 45 meters per setting whisper, normal, yell) listed on the wiki and question if there's a more complex sound system in place now that minds hard walls etc or not.


I first actually wanted to reply on the report thread, but as it's unclear and seeing as I don't want to receive anything for proactively commenting on my views on current chat ranges without being involved in the situation itself, I think the more cleaner solution is to just do it here. Reference thread where this thread right here was posted as reference (reference-ception):


(This isn't to discuss the report thread above. It's merely a reference and using this as cause to bring up THIS topic right here again.)


Obviously when I asked this question I am pretty sure DayZ did not have the modularity in voice distance with one bar (akin to a quiet talking or whispering), two bars that would equal 'normal' volume and three bars, akin to yelling. I never looked up the numbers but thought that each setting was relatively decent or working as intended. You actually had to stand close to people when whispering, and likewise would reach people further away when yelling.

The wiki (I just looked it up for the first time) actually shows us these numbers:



Zombies are now attracted to the sound of a survivors voice.

Whispering has a voice range of 7 meters.

Default has a voice range of 25 meters.

Yelling has a voice range of 45 meters.

The further a survivor/infected are from the source, the quieter it will be.

Source: https://dayz.gamepedia.com/Game_Controls

While we know have good values on each setting, other questions arise (assuming the numbers above are actually valid on our server and not outdated or superseded by mod or ini tweaks).


Here's the new question/s

Now it's vital to note that apparently there is, to my knowledge, no realistic 3D calculation based on where you or the recipient is. Certain gas masks now added a funny filter where you hardly understand anything at all if you speak with them on (if you ask me, the filter is too extreme and halving it would do nicely) but as far as I know if you are in a building with solid walls, anyone outside could still hear you as long as you are within the given range of the respective mode, 'falloff' of sounds or not. Likewise, other way around.

Any ideas or experiences if

a) The listed numbers above are valid as of right now (try to experiment if you want to) and

b) if we have a more complex sound system now that might not just mind falloff at distance, but hard walls and 3D environment?

I sadly never bothered to clearly watch for this whenever speaking, thus I ask for other experiences.


Something else to throw in tho, I noticed something funny. Chances are the voice range (receiving end anyway) isn't determined on your character, but where the camera is. I once stood at a window trying to listen to people talk on the road below, but they were a few meters away. Facing them while standing near the window in first or third person didn't do the trick, but once I turned around in third person, thus bringing the camera itself closer to the window, I could start hearing them.

 Make of that "fun fact" or "experience" what you will.


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Tested with a friend earlier. The numbers on the wiki appear accurate. I dunno if you go quieter behind objects, but you can definitely sound more muffled if you're on a different floor or the like.

I'm attaching screenshots for the three volumes here, in the order of whisper/talk/shout or 1/2/3 bars. We went out of range so he couldn't hear me, and I'd take 1-2 steps forward and try again. When he heard me, I took the screenshots.




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