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To the man who took one of ours today.

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Rose looks over at Alex and frowns as she steps out of the tent pulling out her radio and walking down to the waters edge.

"To the jackass who took one of my men today, Why? You asked for information and he answered your questions and even offered to let you talk to us to answer more of them, and yet you hit him and shot him. As for the questions you asked him regarding your friends murder I can promise he had nothing to do with it, but from the description you gave I suggest you go to Novy, I am sure the people there will be happy to answer your questions or put a bullet in you. At this point I really don't care which."

She pauses a grits her teeth the sound of a lighter clicking can be heard as she lights a cigarette and takes a deep breath.

"You know, had you maybe not run him all over and listened when he said he knew people who could help you we might have been more forgiving and willing to help but instead you had to act like nothing more than a rabid animal. We could have actually given you the information you were looking for but now as far as I'm concerned you deserve whatever comes for you, oh and I hope that that bullet wound he gave you hurts."

She releases the PTT and shakes her head going back to keeping watch.

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