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Isaac Tarcape - Trip to nowhere

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280 days since first infection. 

222 days since disbanding of NATO CFOR.

Name: Isaac Tarcape

Rank: 2nd lieutenant (CFOR rank Sergeant)

Location: 300 km North from South Zagoria, Russian soil.


The rain came down from the sky, hard and persistent on wiping the sins of humans away. Droplets of water made the same tapping sound on the tarpaulin as it had for the past two days.  The man sitting underneath the tarpaulin turned the page on the book he had been reading for a while. ”I panimaje nje rasanski. Fuck that can’t be right…” Heavy sigh escaped his lips as he looked the forest around him. He had managed to set up the small shelter of his before the rain started whipping the ground. Small comfort in this dying world. Clean water wouldn't be his biggest problem, but running out of food would soon turn into a problem. He took the piece of paper from between the cover and the last page and set it between the pages before slapping the book shut and stuffing it inside his backpacks side pocket. It was a lot emptier now than what it was when he started this journey.

                             He gently shifted himself around on the bedroll and reached out for his rifle. Or well. ”His” would be the wrong word to use of it. It was rather some poor CDF recruits rifle that had been one of the unlucky ones so long ago. He looked around again before removing the magazine and pulling the charging handle rapidly two times, letting the brass hit the ground next to him. He stayed silent listening for a crack or rustle from the forest, signaling that someone would have heard him. After few moments he reached out to the bullet to set it on the mat next to him before opening the latch holding the sight in place and taking the rifle in parts. After digging out the cleaning kit from the stock of the rifle he just sat there, cleaning the gun as he had almost every day since he got it. Maybe a way of numbing the thoughts what was going on.

                             It had been quite a while since Isaac had seen anyone walking on two legs and being able to form understandable words. ”Last girl was… was… Kara. That was her name… Funny thing… how you start forgetting people… What do you think Banks?” He turned his head towards his backpack and grinned before continuing his monologue. ”I guess you are right. Like, fuck. Think about it. You just took off one day flailed your middle finger to everyone you were supposed to lead. And now you are back here with me.” He chuckled to himself before putting the receiver cover on the place and pulling the charging handle once and dry firing it to see that it still works.”Funny things”. He looked at the sky, only to see the green fabric above him. ”I guess I have to go to that small town tomorrow. To see if there is anything usable left. Want to carry the jerry can again? Oh? Arm hurting.  You sure it hasn’t gotten an infection?” He stayed silent, like listening for someone, and then nodding to thin air. ”Ok, I’ll carry it. It isn’t that bad though. But it feels like my arm has stretched like, 5 cents or something. But yeah, let’s get some sleep. I’ll set the alarm for… seven? Too early for your ass? I’m just joking.”
                             He glanced to the rain to and the jerry can with cloth spared between square shaped sticks. The water was slowly pouring in the can from this makeshift funnel making sure that he wouldn’t at least run out of anything to drink. He had made small stashes alongside the road he had been following, but the last one he had made was behind him already. Now everything left was what he was able to carry. No more bouncing between the stashes. He put the magazine to his rifle, coked the gun and slid into his sleeping bag before glancing to his side. ”Good night Banks… See ya tomorrow.” No answer was heard other than in his head.


(If you liked it, leave a comment. If you didn't still leave a comment. Missing the RP and lappy cant work it out soo... Small story on progress what he's up to. If anyone cares.)

Edited by Isaiah Cortez

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