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Coalition Propaganda Broadcast Pt 1

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*Vasily double-checks his script and presses the PTT. His voice appears muffled through thin fabric like a balaclava* 




Good evening, citizens of South Zagoria. My name is Vasily Andropov. You may have heard name before. I am member of coalition, or whatever name we decided to choose this time.

Recently, the presence of Anarchist forces has grown from what I would call "nuisance" to "serious issue". The gun restriction of recent violates your right to own weapon in country, and defend yourself. Fact of matter is that the Anarchists are right -- get rid of guns, get rid of problem. But these cute little blueberries seem to think their dick is bigger than it really is. They hear about another Anarchist force in Miroslavl living in sewers and they think their dick is twenty inches long! They can't remove every single citizen of South Zagoria's gun. This leaves the pistol-bearing people with little to do against asshole with giant rifle pointed at their face. People will die because they don't have the hardware to compete with the people who haven't been stripped of weapon yet. It is bullshit. And I heard something about them trying to remove everybody based north of Novy Sobor. This is the bullshit that Anarchist is trying to put on you. They think they are big government military force with big government military funding, and they are not. They are lying to you. It is time to open eyes to reality.

If you're like me, fed up of Anarchy bullshit, and want to make change, it is time to join Coalition. We set up private conversation, da?

Until next time, South Zagoria, stay safe, and stay the fuck out of Novy Sobor.


*Vasily releases the PTT*

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*Boris are about to put Alexas head on a pole and takes the radio*

"Huh we havent lost a single fight?"

"Oh please stop ran away mid fight every time"

"Please give us a good fight? Pretty tierd of these so called rabbit hunts"

"Or are you going to do the battles on the radio?" 

"Oh Ulman and Alexa says hi"

*drops his radio*

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*Tony flicks through the radio frequencies, the adrenaline from the numerous battles of the day finally wearing off. He depresses the PTT.*

"Join the 'Coalition', see the world. Or, you know, just die like ninety-nine percent of them. Whatever, Vasily. Enjoy your day."

*He lets go of the PTT, making his last rounds before going to bed.*

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[Aaron holds down the PTT]

”Heres some propaganda you can spread, 25 coalition members roam the streets telling people Anarchy are baby killers unprovoked! Before they got merked by 9 anarchy members and sent the rest running back to their radio warrior outposts to brag about a loss.”

*He pauses briefly*

”You started this war, because our ideologies clashed, but instead of ignoring it your now up shit creek without a paddle, and your scared. So your trying to get people on your side to fight your war for you while you all sit back and chat shit on the radio. I’m done responding to this petty shit, get off your imaginary high horse.”

[Aaron releases the PTT]

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Allen looks at his radio disappointed and presses his push to talk responding in his usual hoarse tone


"So a few things... first what is it with you and dick size? I think you've got a complex common in high schoolers where everyone has to boast about there massive size or about how small everyone else is. Seriously grow up.


Second thing. You make the same argument about your right to your gun that many people make but... we first put people through a rather standard licensing procedure and those that don't go through the procedure are still allowed concealed hand guns. It's not that hard and the only reason we implemented this to begin with was because of the coalition scheming against us to begin with. Honestly I'd rather be done with this beaurocratic bullshit but you all continue to want to act like warmongers and cowboys. Not impressed. 


Lastly you are yet another one of these coalition leaders who asks others to join you, yet can't be found when the fighting starts. Frankly I'm sick of digging graves for people who you throw at us like mindless fodder while you sit safe in the woods with your radio. In that regard you're no different than the pig Kozlov who left us all here to rot while he sits in luxury behind his wall. In fact you even aligned yourself with the coward and what has that gotten you?


In short stop asking people to die for you people and either do it yourself or grow the fuck up, end this senseless bloodshed, and get a license like everyone else."


He looks out his window then as he releases his PUT, the fields that once graced his house now filled with freshly turned mounds of dirt in which over 60 graves lie and shakes his head.

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*Louie would be wheeling around the hospital he is stuck in you could hear the wheelchair squeaking and he speaks on the radio*

"Hey Uhhh"

"Don't mean to burst yalls bubble"

"But Anarchy has been dominating each fight"

"Why do you gotta spread lies"

"Cant we all be honest"

"Ehmm one thing real quick"

"Why do you all talk a big game but don't act on it?"

"How do you expect people to take you all serious when you don't do shit"

"Anyhow good luck" 

*Louie releases the PTT*

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He reaches for his radio and changes his pitch a tad, while using the local accent.


<:: Testing. Hello. I'm not fond of these verbal clashes. But let's make something apparent here. You complain about Kozlov? He sits behind his walls? Letting us rot?


A short break follows, maybe he recollects his thoughts. It would not be long enough to indicate he'd be done speaking or cut off. The previous short questions could almost indicate anger, but surely the following intonation is a lot more neutral or calm.


<:: First, we all sit behind walls of any form. It keeps us safe from the monsters out there, in whatever form they may come. Yours are called Novy Sobor, for example, and other people have other walls or names for their walls and castles or camps.

Secondly, left to rot? It's not like there were countless attempts to restore society, mop up the infected, bring order. But apparently, all of them were shot down - literally - by various actors: Bandits, criminals, scum, secessionists, opportunists, psychopaths, opponents, you name it. Surely your faction can be included, in some way or form. It did apparently not work out or we would not be in this situation today. Not in this province, at least. Maybe many here in this province are "left to rot" now but it's not like there were no attempts at all. We have to consider the shape the nation and world is in. If not many other resources can be spared, they can't. You can hardly blame someone trying to keep it all together on a limited national scale, can you? While being at war with other nations and having to fight communist secessionists. Again.

And last but not least, what keeps you here? "Left to rot" implies being stuck in some way or form. If you truly want out, you can go to the major safe zones, here or elsewhere. Maybe they can't come to us, but you can go to them. From the sounds of it, it seems at least some of you people in the so-called Anarchy faction or group are mostly foreign or have no real roots here. Is this correct? Many of us stay because this is our home, but what binds you here? You want out of the war, the shit hole, the mess? Go to the safe zones or go to your home countries. Surely most of them are still in some working order. If some are not wanted officially with name's n' all by now, you can actually try to get a normal life with broad access to electricity, peace, safety and not have to worry about someone trying to bash your head in. Or eat you. And the locals, in turn, do not have to worry about someone trying to bash their heads in as they try to reclaim their actual homes and lands from others that cause trouble or at least occupy those.


There is another short break.


<:: Make out of these words what you want, I'm not here to argue or verbally fight. I simply want to raise a point: You are sick of this province and war? Then you can leave for a better place any time, especially as foreigner. Civilization isn't that far away.



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*Eddie hears the guys on the radio and pushes the PTT button and begins to speak*

"Listening to you guy's I'm starting to think you all use the same measuring stick, don't worry we back up everything we say! Look, for example, last night at the Lumber yard. We stood our ground and fought, we had two guys that needed serious medical attention but on your side I'm sure you had a few more than us that are probably rolling around next to Louie am I right, who knows, you guy's will never admit you had a fucking scratch on your bodies! Shit, I'm not going to lie I walked out of there last night looking like I was in a god damn house fire! I feel like shit today but wanted to say thanks for the souvenirs from your wounded, I believe Brandon now has a sweet new blue t-shirt and we have some of your pretty blue armbands.

*Eddie starts to think of Alexa and stares at the sky knowing this is not all in vane, he starts to speak again*

"We were planning on staying around a bit longer but your men said if we didn't leave they would shoot a hostage, so for his sake we left."

"But don't worry the Coalition is just getting started! We will hit you where it hurts when you least expect it!"

"We will be in touch Papa Smurf and the other Smurfettes!"

*Eddie begins to laugh as he puts his radio into his bag*

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1 hour ago, Eddie said:


*Boris takes his radio and We're on easy street would be playing in the background*

"Huh? Gotta spread lies to be big? You gunned down ehm three we gunned down five. 

*Boris would start to think that Eddie has some big problems*

"Huh retreat becose of a hostage? One of your guys told us that he would die for the cause and that you refused. Then when he alredy catch a bullet you guys lost your balls and changed your mind sad"

"You are talking about attacking? Attack then we have been forced to find and attack you guys every time so stop the bullshit will you"

" oh Eddie Alexa says hi"

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