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Ban Appeal.

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 


Why the verdict is not fair: Verdict was not very detailed if you watched my video that I made it shows quite clearly that Corrin could hear me when we tested out VOIP. this verdict was clearly rushed and nobody actually investigated what went on. He was told to put his hands up or die it's quite clear he heard it just re-watch my video here.  how is this invalid put your hands up or you die? I then went and spoke to staff about it and they told me it was very low and quiet but then again if you watch the other evidence you can hear people talking on ts that are eating the audio.  Just want repeat quite clearly that there is Teamspeak chatter over the video and it will prioritize teamspeak not in game

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:  If you study my video and compare the other one it shows quite clearly he heard it yes it was rushed but he still had no intent to stop regardless. 

As the traveler has said to me, whilst the "rushed" part of the initiation could have merit, the man in question immediately began to sprint after hearing the initiation, which in my mind shows he knew fully well what had just been said. 

Further more the idea it was not "heard" seems to be based off the Traveler's video, whereas the volume of the initiation should be taken to be the volume of my VOIP test video (as this was the true distance, actually, in reality, a tiny bit further than, the OP was from me). As shown in said test video, the volume was clear and easy to understand (which is why I put forward the OP began to sprint after hearing it). 
I.e: I was not initiating on traveler, i was initiating on the OP, and at the distance, the OP was from me, it was clearly audible what I was saying, along with the sprinting of the OP indicating that

would you like to achieve with this appeal: ban lifted. 

What could you have done better?: Get closer next time and make sure I'm quite clearer even though I thought it was. 

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The initiation is rushed and barely audible, just as stated in the verdict. The rules require all initiations to be clear and unambiguous to all players. Your test video is a bit clearer because it's done in controlled environment with no other players around talking, zombies, running around etc. I don't know what you are appealing here, it is very obvious that this is not how initiations should be done, regardless if the guy hears it or not or why he starts running.  The points and ban will stay.

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