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Foster's Story so far

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The Date is 13/04/18 and I think it's time for me to write this, so I can tell my story my name is, Joe Foster. I was with the NATO forces back in the civil war. Now technically we were not involved, but I was sent in with my unit to recover some black market weapons, that's when shit went sideways, most of my unit was killed, and I was sent to the prison off the coast.  I was burned by NATO and the UN, they did not even try to find me or to see if we were alive they just left. I spent about eight years there and that's when shit got from bad to Oh fuck. We heard there were reports of some sort of infection on the main island, but we did not really know what it was until it came to the island, first it was the prisoners they started with it they became confused and aggressive, they then start to attack everyone and everything, the guards did try to lock it down to no vale. Then the guard started with it by this time everyone was trying to get off the island. Now I'm no doctor, but it was like I was seeing some sort of rabies, I've seen rabies the way it was happening the way that the infected people were attacking and then eating the dead lead me to that conclusion. After escaping the prison, I was at least one of fifteen out of maybe a few hundred who got to the mainland. I don't even know how we did it. when we got to the mainland everyone just split up, I'm not sure what was going on, The town we were in was just burning there was dead bodies all over. I just ran west to a wooded area and found a small cabin to hunker down in. I spent a few days there hunting for food mainly rabbits and chickens, I then eventually went to a village nearby to look for clothing and food may be a weapon of some sort. I only had a knife and a small hatchet at the time so I need something more If I was going to survive. I came across a small military checkpoint and found that everyone was dead, it was like they had been ripped apart. I took all I could carry I found a Cr pistol with a few rounds and some better clothing plus a radio and some food too. When I got back to the cabin I turned on the radio and scanned the freq and hear that the CDF had set up checkpoints and had also a FOB set up there too. Also, UN and NATO had also set up a FOB, plus the Russian VDV had set up in the Airfield to the north, but I was not ready to show my self it was not my concern at this point all I wanted to do is get out of this country alive.









So I'm not sure how long I was in the cabin for but it was a while, I did move around from time to time checking villagers, and I did  go to check out the city Chernogorsk but from a far, I saw that the CDF was patrolling the area and also saw they were also having problems with a groups of people from time to time, I was not sure if they were military or not, it seemed everyone was carrying guns now, I did find out that there was a trader in town too and I did frequently go there when it was quite, I also carried out runs to the airfield at Balota, it was a small airfield but there were a few things there, I made my way to a military base up north called Tisy it was a harsh place full of the dead and wolves, but if you were quite then the dead did not seem to bother you, as for the wolves that were a good source of food, months past and the CDF, NATO the UN and the VDV left or went into hiding, So I did what I needed to do and stay out the way, the thing is my mental state well was OK at first, but as time went by I was getting more and more unstable, ammo was becoming harder to find so the only thing I could do was, well everything and anything I robbed and killed if I needed to which is not what I wanted to do, but I needed to survive, I started to go hunting now for people I needed info on anything I could get on any groups out there or away of getting out of this country, I never got anything on getting out just the groups out there but that's for another time.





Fast forward to now I'm now with a group called Blitz, I will not go into detail about them because its about me, you see I needed to start writing because as I said before my mental state is now getting worse, I'm not sure why but its the voices I hear, I'm doing my best to not listen to them but it's getting harder, I have kept it quite from the guys in the group, I don't need to bother them with this now and if the time comes and I have to go for the good of the unit then so be it, I'm also not sure if this will get out and if anyone will give a shit but by keeping this book and writing is helping me right now, so whatever is going on with me this is the way I will have to deal with it, so as for now I will just keep going until the end.







Well I guess it's time for more, It's been an interesting few days, a fucking jet flew over the other day and crashed, I did see two parachutes and did hear on my radio that there were two pilots that had ejected, I was in contact with two of my guys but lost contact due to my radio being damaged, I found out a that they were captured by the settlements led by the anarchy, There a tough group and have a lot of numbers, I have met a few of them and they are quite a formidable group, but things can change time will tell, then there is the coalition, which is made up of a few other settlements, not really too sure which settlements, I don't know it they are fighters as such, I could be wrong, As for my self I have been wrong a lot lately, the headaches are not too bad and the voice is still there in the back my mind, but she is still there chatting in my ear, telling me to do things, I'm will try not to carry them out but it's hard. Then I met a guy the other day he was a nice kid, I found him in Berezino in the cabin I was staying in,  we talked for a while then he asked if he could come along with me to a town called Kamyshovo, that's where he was heading he then told me he was going up north from there, he did not say if he was meeting anyone but that does not matter now, we made up a temp camp for the night as it was getting dark, the dead seem to be more active at night, we saw a hoard coming from the south heading are way, so we got to the police station, the doors are solid there are bars on the window so it was the best place, not sure how long we were there for, after we ate he fell asleep and I went to the roof, stood there and watched the dead go off into the woods, I started to hear her chatting, talking, whispering I did try to shake it off, but she was getting louder, than that's when it happened, I found my self-kneeling next to the kid he was about nineteen maybe, I had my combat knife in hand, then he woke up and as he did I held him down, I slowly pushed the knife into his neck, I kept saying sorry, but in my head I could hear her say it's you or him, the blood covered the floor and the walls and myself, After that I just got up cleaned my self down in the ocean, and then I dumped his body in the sea, As I said before I have been wrong lately, I guess writing this book is not helping, but I will still keep going.


I so confused not sure what happened i lost contact with my party, also she is still in my head and she is stronger than ever, i did something i'm not proud of but, i also so kind of liked it, i was stuck no food i had only two bottles of water and was healed up in an old barn, i had no choice ever she said i had to do it to live, i came a cross a camp there was a guy there i did ask for help for some food, but he just told me to fuck off i do have enough for you i pleaded with him, but still told me to fuck off and he pulled out a knife yes a fucking knife not a gun, i said sorry ok i will go and i left i was a few hrs later and i saw the guy again but this time i kept quiet he was looking in side his bag i did not hesitate, i got up behind him and slit his throat it did not take him long to die, i went thought his bag clothes and found nothing but then she told me you have to eat you need to stay alive, so i did the only thing i could do and that was to eat it was king of interesting a kind of turf meat and the shit they say about it taste like chicken bullshit haha, i did like it though and i guess it's survival of the fittest.



Been a good few days she has a name now LILITH, I'm not sure if that's her real name but I like it fits with her and the way she is with me, we met a guy on the airfield draw him in made him feel comfortable and then we had a little chat HA HA, myself Henry and Jake plus LILITH had a little fun with him I wanted to kill him and so did she but Jake and Henry told me they wanted him alive, I was not best pleased and LILITH was pissed but I think she understands, maybe we will meet him again and I will get my play time on but we will see so now we are just roaming round look for more sheep.

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