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United Nations and World Health Organization Timeline

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  • Changelog
    + Added new section: 6th of January, 2019: New task force sent to South Zagoria

    The world is in panic; many countries are in varying states of disarray. The United States has split down the middle; the West Coast is overrun, the East Coast is teetering on the brink of destruction, the infection has wholly thrown humanity to its knees. Europe isn't much better off, massive chunks of the land were left to the infected, and even smaller pieces had the remnants of civilization. Almost a year after the infection, the U.N began mobilizing teams of peacekeepers branded 'Civilization Restarters' with the intent of bringing the law back to the native countries.
    Lieutenant Palladino took command of a Platoon of peacekeepers with the sole purpose of restarting humanity in South Zagoria. However, the country was still under rabid contention; many groups claimed the area for themselves, and their numbers were massive. Conflict rose and subsided faster than the sun had risen and set, now there was not only the threat of the infected but also the threat of other groups.
    With the central goal of providing aid to all of the people within South Zagoria, Lieutenant Palladino and a platoon of peacekeepers set out to liberate the last section of the country.

    + Added year to each section

    + Added splitters between each section and fixed some formatting

    + Added information section regarding the 2nd Response Unit

    + Added one new source: Group page


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The timeline goes on

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2 hours ago, Chernon said:

The timeline goes on

You mean in terms that there should be more on the timeline from the current UN group with what you guys have been doing?

If so, I did inform BreadERP to keep me updated with stuff that I can add into this timeline with stuff that you guys do with this iteration of the UN since I'm not playing with you guys, but I've yet to receive anything.

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  • Changelog
    + Added new section: 6th-16th of January, 2019: Temporary F.O.B established

    Upon the 2nd Response unit's arrival to South Zagoria, a temporary F.O.B was established at an abandoned military checkpoint along the coast of South Zagoria. The unit then moved towards the Green Mountain broadcasting station, where they regrouped with a scouting party that was sent in before them. After securing the Green Mountain compound, the unit moved into the city of Zelenogorsk, where they encountered a large number of Chernarussian Nationalists, who were fine with the United Nations operating in the area, after a tense discussion. The United Nations began handing out food and medical supplies to the few civilians they found residing inside of Zelenogorsk.

    Due to intelligence that had been gathered about large groups of hostile individuals and due to lack of support from their allies, the unit never ventured past the town of Zelenogorsk.
    While UN were stationed in the south, they patrolled the large cities and areas along the coast, providing medical aid, food, and protection from infected to any civilians they found along the way.

    + Added new section: 16th-18th of January, 2019: New F.O.B established with difficulties

    It became quickly apparent that the bulk of the population was in the North, so another F.O.B was established deep into the woods, closer to the northern cities for ease of being able to contact and interact with the population.
    A small squad of peacekeepers were sent to the town of Vybor to provide food and medicine to civilians there, however, the squad never returned, rumors said that they were killed in action by local bandit groups.
    It quickly became clear for the task force that they were no match for the countless large groups of bandits up in the northern regions, who would always have reinforcements from their allies, as more and more UN patrols were attacked.

    + Added new section: 19th of January, 2019: Aid, relations and fighting at a fortified checkpoint

    Lieutenant Palladino decided to establish a fortified checkpoint along the road going North out of Zelenogorsk, where radio broadcasts were made to call in civilians to the location if they needed assistance to minimize the need and risk of UN peacekeepers having to go North into hostile territory.
    The first hours of the checkpoint being operational went over well with civilians arriving and leaving on good terms and it gave the opportunity for the peacekeepers to meet and create relations with local Chernarussian police officers that had arrived to the checkpoint.

    The peaceful period would shortly end after a group of people known as PAMYATI approached the checkpoint with a UN peacekeeper as hostage, demanding the UN to hand over the Chernarussian police officers within the checkpoint for the peacekeeper or else they would forcibly take them. As this was taking place, a group named The Green Dragons had surrounded the checkpoint, creating a high tense situation.
    Lt. Palladino decided to stand his ground and protect the police officers, civilians and themselves from the two groups by attempting to arrest the aggressors.
    However this was unsuccessful and as the two groups was closing in further onto the checkpoint a firefight ensued causing heavy casualties on both sides.

    + Added new section: 22nd-23rd of January, 2019:  Diplomatic talks with PAMYATI

    After some days of recovery, the checkpoint was reestablished and again the PAMYATI arrived to the checkpoint, but this time with diplomatic intentions in mind.
    They proposed that the peacekeepers were to disarm themselves of any and all assault rifles and were to only to defend themselves in life and death situations. No aiding of civilians or other groups of people were permitted. The alternative was that PAMYATI would attack the UN with all of their allies, PAMYATI gave Lt. Palladino 24 hours to come to a decision.
    Lt. Palladino decided to agree with the terms that PAMYATI had given and then tried to enlist the help from the French Foreign Legion and The Saviors to push PAMYATI and their allies back up into the northern regions. The peacekeepers themselves were split on the decision on whether or not to cooperate with PAMYATI.
    This plan backfired as the French Foreign Legion leaked information about the United Nations intentions to the PAMYATI, angering them. The Saviors never showed up when they were called to aid.
    PAMYATI quickly changed their proposal to an even more aggressive stance, this was to replace Lt. Palladino with a Russian officer and to transfer the control over the 2nd response team from the United States to the Russian Federation.

    + Added new section: 27th-28th of January, 2019:  Lt. Palladino goes M.I.A and Lt. Watson takes over

    After days of discussion between PAMYATI and United Nations, Lt. Palladino went alone deep into the woods with the rest of PAMYATI as a final attempt to make peace between both groups, a couple of peacekeepers attempted to stop him, but to no avail. Lt Palladino never returned and is presumed to have been executed. He has been classed as M.I.A ever since.
    PAMYATI then attempted to gain control of the United Nations, but failed as the rest of the peacekeepers retaliated towards them.
    Canadian Lt. Richard Watson took over Lt. Palladino's place and the mission was then handed over to the Canadian government, with PAMYATI and the rest of the hostile bandit type groups being labeled as terrorist organizations.

    + Added new officer to Key notes regarding the 2nd Response unit: Richard Watson

    + Credited @Chernon in the Key notes regarding the 2nd Response unit for the information he has provided

    + Added new sources: Radio chatter, group pages and @Chernon

    @Chernon for providing info for:

    • 6th-16th of January, 2019: Temporary F.O.B established
    • 16th-18th of January, 2019: New F.O.B established with difficulties
    • 19th of January, 2019: Aid, relations and fighting at a fortified checkpoint
    • 22nd-23rd of January, 2019:  Diplomatic talks with PAMYATI
    • 27th-28th of January, 2019:  Lt. Palladino goes M.I.A and Lt. Watson takes over


    x Fixed some small errors here and there in the timeline as a whole

    Big thanks to @Chernon for providing info for all of these sections and writing out majority of the text. These segments wouldn't have been possible without his help.
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