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Mayday - 121.5 MHz

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*Once in probable communication range, the captain motions to Colonel Kobiashvili to start transmitting a pan-pan call.*

“Pan-pan-pan,; All stations! All stations! All stations!; Tamazi seventy-five Airbus A320-200; We’ve lost all hydraulic fluid from the blue line, we are billowing smoke off our port side wing, and we are leaking fuel from our port side A1 fuel tank. We intend to complete our flight, but request a state of full emergency at the intended landing site. We are approximately one hundred-ten nautical miles South-South-East of Novigrad International Airport, heading three-two-zero, altitude three point two-four-five kilometers above sea level. We require a minimum of one point seven kilometers safe landing space. Six souls on-board. Will it be possible to scramble a fighter escort?”

*a few moments go by and Colonel Kobiashvili is about to repeat the Mayday call before a Chernarussian voice speaks in response.*

“Tamazi seventy-five this is Miroslavl Traffic, we will be unable to provide you with fighter escort. Can you explain exactly when and how the failures occurred?”

*a few seconds go by before Nino responds*

“Kle!..... About eight minutes ago we heard a loud bang. At this time we are assuming it was a bird strike. Not sure what birds would be doing at this altitude but we can’t think of anything else it could feasibly be.”

*A few seconds go by and ATC responds*

“ What was your position when the strike occurred?”

*a few seconds go by and Nino responds*

“Twenty Kilometers North-North-East of Batumi.”

*a few seconds go by before ATC responds*

“We’ll contact Tblisi and inform them of what has transpired. Continue on your course and we’ll prepare a state of full emergency here. Miroslavl Traffic Out."




*As the plane flys over Skalisty island, going in for a long final approach, it’s altitude about 1300 meters, a piece of the planes left wing snaps off and falls to the ground, sending the piece into the water below. The plane banks to the left side and goes into a phugoid. The plane turns to the left with the bank and goes back out over the green sea. With a fearful voice Colonel Kobiashvili speaks. In the background there are warning alerts going off in the cockpit*


“Mayday. Mayday, Mayday, Tamazi Seventy-Five Airbus A320-200, we have dual hydraulic failure of Blue and Yellow syst-”

*her voice is interrupted by the flight engineer’s unintelligible english*

“We’re losing Green! FUCK!”

*After a few moments Miroslavl Traffic responds*

“Miroslavl Traffic to Tamazi Seventy-Five, say again?!”

*Nino starts to speak again, in the background are aggressive screams of horror. Her voice is mournful*

“Tamazi Seventy-Five to Miroslavl Traffic, we’ve lost all hydraulic systems… we’re banking to the left… and we’re in a phugoid.”

*half a minute goes by before a new voice comes over the radio*

“Miroslavl Traffic to Tamazi Seventy-Five; Recommend using asymmetric thrust to level out the phugoid and banking.”

*there is a long pause and Nino speaks*

“.... we’ll try.”

*There is another long pause*

“We’ve leveled out of the bank, but we are still are having problems leveling the phugoid…”

*another long pause*

“I don’t think we’re going to be able to land at Miroslavl… we need another landing site.”

*a few moments pass*

“We’ll get to work on that… Also be advised to mind don’t stray into Russian airspace.”

*a few seconds pass*

“Copy that Miroslavl… we’re starting to figure this out. Contact us when you’ve figured out a better landing site, over.”



*After some experimenting over the green sea, the crew of Tamazi 75 manage to learn how to control the aircraft and get on approach for chernarus.*

“Miroslavl Traffic to Tamazi seventy-five, what’s your status, over?”

“We’ve learned how to work with the asymmetric thrust and are returning to Chernarussian airspace. There is a fire on our port wing. Have you had any luck figuring out a new landing site? Over.”

"Affirmative Tamazi seventy-five, there is an abandoned farm fourteen kilometers North-North East of Miroslavl. We advise however that you come about for an approach to land at Miroslavl, over.”

“Negative Miroslavl. Unsure of how much longer our wing will hold up… we’ll take the farm… now no more talking. Tamazi Seventy-Five out.”




*As Tamazi seventy-five approaches the farm, the flight engineer manually starts to lower the gears.*

“Tamazi seventy-five to Miroslavl Traffic. We’re going in for our final approach. Estimated landing in four minutes…. Any words of encouragement?”

“Miroslavl Traffic to Tamazi seventy-five… don’t crash.”

“Nice... pure poetry Miroslavl... Do you have anyone inbound to the farm to meet us? Probable that we will need medivac. over”

“Affirmative, we have alerted units in the area who will try and get to your location, over.”

“Thanks for everything you’ve done Miroslavl…”

“You’re welcome Tamazi seventy-five. Watch your speed. Do you have your gears down yet?”

“Negative, but our flight engineer is working on it.”

“Prepare for a change in aerodynamics, over.”

“Affirmative Mirosla-”

“Tamazi seventy-five say again?”

*There is a loud scream*


“I’m trying! I’m trying!”

“Watch the speed! We’re going to stall!”



*The aircrafts aerodynamics becomes disturbed and starts to pitch up and nearly stalls before the efforts of the crew saves the craft.*

“Miroslavl Traffic to Tamazi Seventy-Five, what is your status.”

*There is silence for a couple of minutes*

“Tamazi Seventy-Five to Miroslavl, we’ve corrected the problem and are closing in on the farm, but we’re coming in too fast, over.”

“Say again Tamazi?”

*some more time passes before Tamazi continues to transmit*

"Almost there! Steady… watch it! We’re pulling to the left! Oh my god.”

*a loud bang is heard over the airwaves, as well as more screams. The last thing transmitted from Tamazi is Colonel Kobiashvili screaming in Georgian.*

“გიპოვი ელენე!”

“Miroslavl Traffic to Tamazi Seventy-Five come in. Miroslavl Traffic to Tamazi Seventy-Five come in. Miroslavl Traffic to Tamazi Seventy-Five come in… can we get someone to find out what happened to them?”


*As the Airbus lands, it starts to pull to the left and the captain over compensates, slamming them down hard into the farm fields. The gears collapse and one of the crew gets abruptly killed, having been slammed into the side of the cabin. The aircraft turns as it slams, and the structural integrity of the left wing fails, snapping off. They aircraft grinds to a halt as it digs itself into the ground. After tears and cheers of joy, Colonel Kobiashvili transmits.*

“Tamazi Seventy-Five to Miroslavl Traffic… we’ve… landed.”


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" Tamazi seventy-five Airbus A320-200, My name is Doctor Smith. Please switch frequency to 87.3. I'll give another frequency there."

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He clears his throat before speaking and changes his pitch down in some attempt to mask the voice, speaking with some local accent in addition.


<:: Tamazi-75, Tamazi-75, come in. Do you read? [Short break] If you need further assistance or guidance towards the West, reply. Will provide other ways of communication, should desire exist. There are various remnants of national and international organizations in the area, to which I belong, over.



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