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New Business Opening

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The man would be sitting at the table, looking at his the radio and contemplating. He presses the PTT, talking with a Russian accent.

"Testing, testing... Okay, let's begin. Hello people, I am Volk, and I am currently sitting around here in this building, looking around and thinking of starting some sort of business of sorts... yes, uh, like a shop and such, something like that."

He would let go of the button and think for a moment, then proceeding to hold the button again.

"But, this business is not able to run at the moment. Reasons being the lack of resources and people I need to run it. I need some people to do some jobs for me and help with getting this business rolling on. Jobs will just be some simple jobs that require some searching, managing, and/or a little labor, not to hard."

A pause.

"So back to the point, if you interested, contact me on 217.3 MHz and we can discuss the finer details of this business and how you can work for it."

A final pause.

"Yea... So I will probably get back on the radio soon to explain the details of the business more openly, when it will be open and running. Goodbye and good luck."

With the release of the button the broadcast ends.

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*Ioann continues scanning the frequencies, pausing to respond to one in particular.*

"Greetings Volk, my name is Ioann. I work for a company named Vsadnik Logistics. I'm interested to hear what exactly you're looking to get off the ground. Perhaps we can help each other. Let me know.

*Ioann sets the radio down on the cabin of the truck as they speed through the country lanes.*

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