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groovy chow

Missing camp in the north (468.865 MHz - Open)

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*The man would sit against the cold stone of the ruined castle, watching another man pace along the open area. He takes the radio from his vest, thinking for a moment and pressing the PTT*

"Well I assume from the looks of it, whoever owned the camp near the village in the mountains left in a hurry. Trash lay all around."

"I only hope whoever you were, that you noticed the extra supplies we slipped in for you. It wasn't much, but food and munitions are always needed in these times."

"Call it my nice gesture for the week, considering it's been a slow one. For whoever owned it, I'll be listening in case you hear this. And of course if anyone decides to go look for it, good luck. It's long gone now." 

"The channel goes silent as the man releases the PTT*

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