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Harrison Temp Ban Appeal

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):

Why the verdict is not fair: The Verdict was actually fair, but it was my first ever RP encounters as i was got whitelisted that day. I have played DayzRP for a little longer now and from then till this day, I would say my RP has improved.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: It was my first ever Roleplay Encounter, i wasnt too sure about OOC chat and how it worked until my buddy told me how to use it. I wasnt so sure on the rules of OOC back then. Now that ive played DayZRP for a little longer, i know how to play out RP situations and im willing to learn from the mistakes. The only way my RP will get better is by learning from those mistakes and this is one

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like the 5 day Ban to get removed as the ban ends when school starts for me and i did plan on playing DayZRP my whole spring break but accept the 10 warning points, i would also hope that this appeal will teach me a lesson and improve my Roleplay for future

What could you have done better?: Read the rules about Overly Used OOC chat as i wasnt too familiar with OOC chat and how you used it, i could of not blamed others for cheating as i wasnt sure if he was actually or not, it just seemed like it. (I need to stop presuming things)

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Hello @Harrison15B,

Another team of staff members has looked over your appeal and reached a conclusion.

Whilst we understand you are new, at DayZRP the staff team will never accept somebody being new as a reason for somebody breaking the rules. When you join up, especially on your first day, the rules should be fresh in your mind and thus you should be less likely to break a rule. You bring nothing new to the table to excuse the rulebreak. Because of these reasons, the staff team does not see any reason to overturn the verdict. It was correct and justified.

Outcome: Appeal denied - Ban Stays.

Signed by: @Para & @Oliv

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