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Staff Feedback: Lukaszxe

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Hey there! if you have any feedback for me be sure to post it. Be sure to follow the template!


Link to the situation:(Use "N/A" if not appropriate.)

Any supporting evidence or notes: (Here you can post a screenshot, chat logs or anything else to help 
demonstrate your point,Use "N/A" if not appropriate".)

Feedback:(Here you post the main section of your feedback. Keep it respectful.)

Suggestions for improvement:(Use N/A if not appropriate. If bad feedback suggestions of improvement are required.)
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Link to the situation:

Any supporting evidence or notes: The title of the thread ( conclusiveevidenceforsure.png.d734b951fb30f8164aeb007e43284912.png)

Feedback: ok hi guys i just wanna say to @lukaszxe that he is probably a great support but he needs to spell "staff" correctly if he is going to be a member in staff i feel.

Suggestions for improvement: Maybe practice spelling. (The word "staff" specifically)

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added some conclusive evidence

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Link to the situation: 

Any supporting evidence or notes: Your closing statement and ban reasoning.


Hi Lukas, hope all is well!

In the closing statement of your verdict, you state that Gowbe was found to be guilty for ruleplay because he shot and killed GMAK through the fact he was hit by a couple of them. Clearly you've not read the report fully and have jumped to conclusions. It was stated by Wolfaye that he was not only hit but knocked out by two people prior to being initiated on, that wasn't fully the reasoning behind the OP being shot, as mentioned but seemed to have been completely looked over, which is rather odd for a GameMaster to ignore especially when the evidence is presented to them.

The man in white is the OP. He made no attempt to leave the area when the initiation was dropped on @Wolfaye and in fact then continued to push with members of the opposing parties to the treeline in which they were taking shots from.



Second image can be seen on this post (for some reason uploading them decided to get fucky) - 

The rights used were from the situation where Wolfaye was initiated on, not where it was knocked unconscious for no reason at the well by two of the other parties involved.

Not only that the firefight continued to Stary where the initiation from the prior fight continued where once again the OP made no attempt to seem compliant, he was recognised from the previous fight once again, running around with a gun out checking the area in his tower. He was present for the first situation in which he was very much involved AND the second in Stary.

My biggest issue is that there isn't any evidence to suggest that he wasn't apart of the situation, the evidence presented as shown only shows him running around with his gun out attempting to aid those involved. In which after the shots stop for five minutes as people re position and they all move to Stary as one big party, which suggests that he was with them and involved in that situation the entire time making the kill valid.

I'd understand ruleplay if Gowbe had attempted to talk to the OP and the gunned them down but he didn't. There was a skirmish in Kab, Kamenici regrouped and re-positioned and attacked once again on Stary with the rights previously gained, in which the OP was shot in the face and killed in his tower.

Suggestions for improvement:

The report verdict as whole seems to have missed a large portion of information in which to be honest, should have found Gowbe not guilty. He used the rights he still had from the initiation of Wolfaye initially and killed GMAK. At no point in the footage shown does he try to NOT make himself apart of the situation. My suggestion is rather clear from my feedback, read all the posts in the report instead of what I can only assume was a rushed verdict made up from the comments from other Mods and GM's. You missed way too much information to jump to such a conclusion in which was wrong.

Not only that you wrote about the wrong person being hit which shows that you and @Zilly didn't read the PoV's supplied fully to the point of understanding, which again is rather worrying. 

- Double check posts to make sure all information is gathered.
- Don't jump to conclusions when the evidence shows otherwise.
- Make sure the logs are correct if you're going to go ahead and hand out bans.

Feel free to PM me for further replies if you'd like to talk about this situation.


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Hello, @Mexi I've seen your feedback on it. Since an appeal is up I can't really discuss it but I will respond once it has been handled

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