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The Hobos are moving! (Open freq: 66.6Hz)

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*Kenneth sits by his safehouse huffing some industrial glue from a brown paper bag. He hold down the PTT after a big inhale*

Hey, what up pimps? I'm sorry to say but Svetlojarsk has fallen. The ongoing war and the constant attack and theft off everything We collected time after time made us move south..

*He stops to inhale once more*

But don't frown spagettiboy. We have set up a new post in Stary Sobor. You can find us by the old supermarket close to the church. We still are looking for more people to help out. You be given a house of your liking in town and some other perks. 

So come on down to Stary and do some trading. Just follow the golden rule "take one, leave one" and we all become friends. Peace!

*Kenneth let's go off the PTT*

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Diadora would widely smile before transmitting.

"Hey I was wondering who had nice book collection in small blue tent!

Got taste, Dracula! And the selection of stories book!

You should be librarian. Take book. Give back book. You see?"

The radio cuts off, shaking her head as she cackles to Milo.

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*Kenneth hears Diadora over the radio and holds down the PTT*

Yo, that is my collection of books. Like you said you can take one and leave one. Many dudes and dudettes ask about specific books so i made my own little bookshop.

*He let's go off the PTT*

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*Nikolai picks up the radio and presses the PTT*

Aha! It is you! The idiot who shot me in the arm while I was running behind you and trying to make your blood stop falling on the grass! I still have trouble of relieving myself with my right arm..*cough* But! I am willing to put this behind us if you have meat and beans! I will bring some vodka too so you have some nice change of beverages. Weeks of glue is boring, am I right? 

*Nikolai let's go of the PTT button, but it seems stuck inside his voice keeps being heard as he examines the radio*

What the blin? Complete debil!

*throws the radio in the ground and continues without it*

Maybe one of the zombies in Gorka has one. I will have to check...

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